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RUSH: I am the gift that keeps on giving. Yesterday morning ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning, the cohost Mike Golic spoke with the fill-in cohost Erik Kuselias about Donovan McNabb again. What year did this happen? What year was my ill-fated six weeks on ESPN? Was it 2003? Eight years ago, whatever it was, it’s still being discussed. And Golic says to Erik Kuselias: ‘I’m just stunned that people would say: ‘Okay, we’re done with McNabb. Let the Kevin Kolb era begin.”

KUSELIAS: My position on McNabb has been, I think his career, he has been underrated in the city of Philadelphia and probably a little overrated outside the city of Philadelphia. He’s benefited from having public few days with two people that are very polarizing and unliked in certain situations. One, Rush Limbaugh, two, Terrell Owens. Those are polarizing people but I look and say, ‘One Super Bowl appearance, never won a Super Bowl, has not been great in championship games.’ There’s a sense in Philadelphia — my friends who are Eagle fans — that we are never going to win the Super Bowl with five as our quarterback.

RUSH: And as far as I know, Kuselias is still working at ESPN. More power to him but apparently I, El Rushbo, the gift that keeps on giving. The latest now is that McNabb benefited from all this so-called controversy.

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