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RUSH: Washington Post today: ‘The Marines Move on Marjah.’ This is a big, big surge deep inside the home field of the Taliban essentially. The Armed Forces Radio network carries the first hour of this program, and I just want to acknowledge these people in the US military, part of the surge today. It has begun in Afghanistan and I would be remiss if I did not point this out.

To those of you wearing the uniform in the US military today, the people who doubted you the first time are the same people who are sending you on this one. The same people who doubted you in Iraq, the same people who said your mission had no chance, the same people who were arguing for failure, who were arguing for defeat in Iraq for their own political benefit have now seen the light, quote, unquote, and of course when they send you it’s justifiable and fine.

Now, this audience and this program is and will always be behind you as you mount this surge. Go get ’em. We love you here at the EIB Network, and never, ever doubt that you are the best trained and executing fighting force in the entire world.

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