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RUSH: This is Rob in Atlanta. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Hi, Rush, how are you?

RUSH: Very well, sir, thank you.

CALLER: Thanks for taking my call. I appreciate it.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I’m a little uncomfortable calling you and disagreeing with you but I have to take issue with a comment you made, I think it was last week, about a comment David Brooks said about saying that the Republicans shouldn’t overreach after the Scott Brown thing? And my point is that you and I, you know, we wish it wasn’t true, but unfortunately he’s right. Most Americans are not as conservative as we think they are or we think they should be. And, you know, I got a couple of points that will sort of prove the point, the first thing is what is one of the main reasons why Obamacare failed?

RUSH: You tell me, because I don’t remember ripping David Brooks for this.

CALLER: Yeah, you said that he said Republicans shouldn’t overreach, and then you sort of — you know, I guess my point is that one of the main reasons why Obamacare failed is because of the Medicare cuts, and because then seniors are going to be mad about losing their Medicare. And Medicare is in no means a conservative —

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.

CALLER: — conservative issue.

RUSH: All right, all right. I’ve had some people ask me about that, and I gotta come back later, I got a break here but I’ll explain that anomaly in mere moments.


RUSH: Obamacare did not fail because of Medicare cuts. It failed because it didn’t reduce costs, it didn’t guarantee you could keep your plan if you wanted to, it did raise taxes, it did add to the deficit — and after raising costs and adding to the deficit, it didn’t cover everyone. Everybody knew it was not a health care bill.

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