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RUSH: Remember something, folks, dictators always go after the middle class while talking about saving the middle class. Obama, for a year, has talked about saving the middle class, reviving the middle class, he’s got a Middle Class Task Force, he’s got Biden running the Middle Class Task Force. Obama even went to have a meeting with the 20 members of the Middle Class Task Force, which he impaneled early last year. He had a teleprompter to speak to 20 people. So we’ve had a Middle Class Task Force; we’ve had the stimulus Porkulus slush fund; we’ve had the bankers berated for not lending to small business so they can grow. And what’s happened? What’s happened? Unemployment continues to skyrocket. There has been nothing good that’s happened in the middle class, and now Obama said we are going to focus on jobs, I want a jobs bill on my desk from Congress immediately.

This is what dictators do: they demand, they threaten, they intimidate, they bully, and they attack the very people that they say they are trying to defend. I said at one point during the health care debate on the whole concept of death panels, there’s a reason, if you go back to world history, you go back to Cambodia, you go back to Mao Tse-tung in China, you go to Cuba, you go to old Soviet Union, one of the things they did was target — Hitler, health care — target the elderly. Target them. Why? Because they vote, they are more likely it vote, and they’re more educated, they have more experience, they know more, they have been alive longer. You get rid of the people who know the past. You get rid of people who know how great the eighties were with a conservative economic policy, get rid of those people or limit them. Make no mistake. I mean the Bolsheviks, they got rid of the kulaks, the ChiComs got rid of the middle class, same thing with Pol Pot in Cambodia, same thing with Cuba, every other Central and South American country, Hugo Chavez, Venezuela, socialism all to benefit the middle class, the working people.

But what’s he doing? They’re rolling blackouts, there’s an energy crisis, he’s nationalizing businesses and the standard of living is plummeting while his goes up all in the name of helping the middle class. And don’t forget our caller earlier in this hour, willing to work three jobs, can’t find even a job that will make him underemployed, and is convinced that this is being done on purpose because Obama wants as many Americans being supported by the federal government in some way or manner as he can. And the people he’s targeting are the people who are working, and most of the people working are middle-class people. He wants them on the welfare rolls. A lot of people have had this theory, Cloward-Piven, these two people from Columbia.


RUSH: And, remember, folks, Obama differentiates between the workers and the middle class, the working families. He wants you to think he’s talking about the middle class. When liberals talk about working families they mean union members, the proletariat. The middle class have too much education. The middle class have too much property to cooperate with all of what he wants to do. They want political power and control over their lives. They would fight Obama if they knew what he was up to. So any dictator-like guy or megalomaniac has to quash that attitude among people and he’s in the middle of doing it.

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