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“Obama’s big line in his speeches is, ‘We want our money back.’ No, Mr. President, we want our vote back. Millions of Americans want their vote back.”

“Would you call what happened to Air America jobs lost? Well, you’d have to say jobs lost. Why couldn’t Obama save those jobs? Air America, Chapter 7, fini. I thought talk radio was so easy.”

“Conan O’Brien has a one-hour-a-night television show and has a staff of 200, a staff of 200! We do a three-hour radio program every day, and we do it with less than ten people.”

“What exactly has Barack Obama done for the middle class? We all know what he’s done to the middle class. They don’t have jobs. They’re facing massive tax increases. But what has he done for the middle class?”

“Obama is one of these coulda, woulda, shoulda guys. You know what a coulda, woulda, shoulda guy is, Dawn? You probably dated a bunch of them.”

“I don’t think Obama has the concept of the role of a president or the limits of his intelligence or abilities, but the good news is that most of the American people now do. It is time, ladies and gentlemen, to regulate Obama. He is trying to regulate us and everything else. It’s time to regulate him, and that’s what we intend to do in November.”

“I could create more jobs in 25 minutes than Obama is going to create in four years.”

“Mayor Bloomberg said we’re going to limit salt. You know the girl with the umbrella on the Morton salt? She’s going to become the next Joe Camel. She’s going to become the next Marlboro man. She’s going to become the next villainess.”

“Ordinary people do and can accomplish extraordinary things. But rarely have I ever seen any ordinary person bring such extraordinary achievement in such a short time. In political time it’s a nanosecond. Senator-elect Scott Brown has not even been sworn in yet but he already changed Washington as liberals thought they knew it.”

“Obama’s not cracking down on the banks, folks. He’s raping them.”

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