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RUSH: You gotta hear this sound bite. This is Fox & Friends this morning. Steve Doocy was talking to former Clinton advisor Lanny Davis.

DOOCY: Yesterday on his show Rush Limbaugh was talking about Hillary. I know you’re a friend of Hillary’s. He said with what happened in Massachusetts and with Obama’s numbers going down, he said, ‘Hillary, get ready. You’re well positioned to springboard back into the race in 2012.’ What do you think about that idea?

DAVIS: You know, I respect Rush Limbaugh as a very smart man. He’s a great entertainer. I actually love listening to him because he gets me so mad.

DOOCY: (chuckling)

DAVIS: But I don’t take him serious. I don’t take him seriously. He’s a provocateur. He has fun provoking. He doesn’t mean that. He doesn’t like Hillary. He’s just a good entertainer and I respect that he has great ratings.

DOOCY: Oh, I don’t know. I think he means it.

RUSH: Well, I did mean it. I honest to goodness did. Lanny, if you’re listening, I honest to God do think that she’s considering it. I mean, you have the perfect storm brewing here. This is an ideal time for somebody to move in. She’s parked over there at State. She’s doing her loyal, dutiful duty but that can’t be too thrilling. Besides, they send czars everywhere that she would really like to go. They send her to the sticks while other people get the glamour posts, and you know she’s thinking this, especially now with everybody seeing how they got scammed by Obama. Lanny, I’m telling you. I think I know the Clintons, and I think you know that I know them, too — and I think you know that I know that I know I’m right. And you know that I’m right when I say, ‘They’re plotting it, at least sketching it out, at least talking about it amongst themselves.’

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