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“The American people are still rooted in entrepreneurism, freedom and liberty. Nothing — not the left, not Obama, nothing — can tear them out.”

“Freedom is awaking from its coma because of a huge, huge, huge Supreme Court decision. Yes, you heard right.”

“I have always said that elections have consequences. House Dems do not have the votes to pass the Senate bill. It’s an amazing thing what one election can do, just one election.”

“If anybody needs to give somebody tips on being a maverick it’s Scott Brown telling McCain how to do it.”

“The Lurch could not make the oceans boil. The Lurch couldn’t cause a ripple in a bathtub, even getting in it.”

“If liberals only changed for two weeks after 9/11,

“If all it took was two weeks for liberals to revert to who they are after 9/11, what in the world makes anybody think that the Scott Brown victory is going to cause a permanent change?”

“You notice how fast the rats are deserting the ship after one election? After one election, everybody’s running away from this bill faster than I’ve seen anybody run away from a bill at all.”

“This is the way the Democrats operate. They love you when you elect them, but when you don’t see the light, when you haven’t done the right thing, you become their enemy.”

“Obama did not lose touch with the American people. He just exposed himself to be somebody he was not in terms of who they had voted for.”

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