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RUSH: Nancy Pelosi says she does not have the votes to pass health care reform in the House of Representatives. She made that announcement not long ago. House Dems do not have the votes to pass the Senate bill. Don’t have the votes. It’s amazing. It’s an amazing thing what one election can do, just one election. I have always said that elections have consequences.


RUSH: You gotta hear this. Scott Brown shows up in Washington today, folks. This is hilarious. It’s hilarious and predictable. I told Cookie, I want a montage of the questions, the initial questions that he was asked.

REPORTER: We who have covered Senator McCain for a while have heard him say that a lot. Is there any sort of tips, Senator McCain, perhaps you’ll be giving him on how to be a maverick here?

REPORTER: Democrats have historically relied on New England Republicans to negotiate on various issues, that New England Republicans have generally been the most amenable to deals on various issues. Where do you see potential for common ground with Democrats in the majority?

REPORTER: Now that the Republicans have 41 seats and a legitimate seat at the table, how would you like to move forward on legislation working with the Democrats perhaps better than the two parties have so far this year?

RUSH: Those are the first questions Scott Brown was asked today. And, by the way, you get any sort of tips, Senator McCain, giving him on being a maverick? If anybody needs to give somebody tips on being a maverick it’s Scott Brown telling McCain how to do it. There’s the real maverick if you want to talk about it. The real maverick is Scott Brown. But you see, all these media people, I can boil it all down: ‘What are you going to do to help the Democrats? What are you going to do to work with the Democrats?’ And, by the way, every one of those questions came from — dadelut dadelut dadelut — you heard it, a female. The chickification of the news. Every one of them. ‘What are you going to do to work with Democrats? How are you gonna make the Democrats succeed? How are you going to cross the aisle? New England Republicans have always helped Democrats. How are you going to do that?’ Here are just a few of Scott Brown’s answers on working with the Democrats.

BROWN: I have 85% of the delegation in Massachusetts are Democrats. I actually voted for a health care bill in Massachusetts, and it was a great bipartisan effort, so it’s clear that I wanted coverage for everybody in Massachusetts. And we have 98% of the people insured there. The bill that was being pushed in Washington was not good for Massachusetts. I’m open to looking at every single bill on its merits and making a decision based on that, and my first interest is going to look — as whether it’s good for my state, then obviously if it’s good for the country.

RUSH: Now, he says we have real problems like the economy and Al-Qaeda trying to kill us, but, Scott, a personal aside, the Democrats do not want to work with you on either of those. They do not want to work with you on the economy. They want you working with them.

BROWN: People want good government, they want transparency. We’ve got Al-Qaeda, who are trying to kill us. We’ve got very serious tax-and-spend problems. We’ve got some real fiscal issues and job questions. And we’re not solving them. We’re talking about things that are really irrelevant. And that’s what I’m hopeful that, you know, based on the messages I’ve heard from all the delegations, whether they be Republican or Democrat, and I think they get it, and I’m hopeful they get it, and I’m going to try to remind everybody that we can do better.

RUSH: Yeah. Well, good luck. But there he’s playing it straight down the middle which is a very smart and wise thing to do. John Kerry, just a couple of weeks ago who, by the way, serves in Vietnam who is 71 years old — no, his wife is 71. I don’t know how old The Lurch is. All I know is The Lurch could not make the oceans boil. I mean The Lurch couldn’t cause a ripple in a bathtub, even getting in it. Just a couple weeks ago Kerry was out there saying (imitating Lurch), ‘We’re going to pass this bill before he’s seated, we’re going to delay –‘ he was all part of that chorus that was going to delay Scott Brown being seated. Now he’s done a total 180 in just two weeks. And after Brown met with McCain, he went and met with other Senators, including Senator Kerry, who said this.

KERRY: We have to work across the aisle here to make things happen. Americans don’t just elect Democrats and Republicans. They elect people to be responsible with the people’s business.

RUSH: Isn’t it amazing what one election does? Just one election. Reporters this morning asked if Democrats are courting Scott Brown. Unidentified reporter said, ‘You feel you’re being courted by Democrats as a possible swing voter?’

BROWN: I’ve always had great respect for Senator Kerry, always. We have worked together on other issues. I know we’re going to work together on issues in the future. I have a great relationship with the delegation because of my years at the statehouse. If I see a bill that is good for my state, I’m going to vote for it. And that’s my first priority. And I look at the bills first, determine how much they cost, if they’re going to benefit my district and the state, and, you know, I’ll take it that way and continue to be the same type of voter I’ve always been.

RUSH: So, again, playing it down the middle here, being noncommittal and certainly non-provocative. He realizes he’s dealing with loaded questions, he’s not gonna give them the meat that they want. They’re a bunch of sharks circling out there and he’s not going to bleed for them.


RUSH: Now, I want to alert you to something happening out there going back to Paul Krugman and going back to Mort Zuckerman who both say, ‘This guy’s not the one we’ve been waiting for, it turns out. Why, he’s…’ Now, they’re genuinely upset here. But you heard Kerry two weeks ago. John Kerry (who served in Vietnam) wanted to delay the seating of Scott Brown so that health care would pass. Now, two weeks later, why, he’s the voice of the middle of the road. All these Democrats are. This is what I want to talk about, because I could see this starting to happen in Kerry’s comments that I played moments ago. The Democrats… In fact grab sound bite number four so that people will be able to hear immediately what I am referencing. This is Kerry talking about how Senators have to ‘work across the aisle.’ The last thing they want is to cross the aisle. They want us crossing the aisle, but they don’t want to cross the aisle, and they never do.

KERRY: We have to work across the aisle here to make things happen. Americans don’t just elect Democrats and Republicans. They elect people to be responsible with the people’s business.

RUSH: Okay. Now, the Democrats, folks, are really, really good at changing their skin to fit the current environment. They are gifted chameleons. Their insides do not change. Their core liberalism, statism, socialism does not change, but their external appearance and their manner of speaking and the contents of their speech does change. They are faking it. Do not fall for any of this middle-of-the-road stuff that you’re going to get from Harry Reid (who met with Scott Brown) or Lurch or any of these people that you know are liberals. They have not changed. They’ll fake it. They’ll do whatever they have to do even if it’s take a couple steps back to move another step forward. They will say anything they have to say to assuage the voters and to assuage people like Krugman and Zuckerman. Now, Krugman and Zuckerman are genuinely angry.

So the Democrats (John Kerry or somebody) will call them up and say, ‘You know, you’re right, and we’ve seen the errors of our ways.’ Remember the 2002 midterms after the Wellstone memorial? Those 2002 midterms were big for the Republicans. Remember the Values Voters in the exit polls came out of the woodwork, and Democrats said, ‘Oh, yeah!’ For two weeks after that election they said, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re going to have to do better with Values Voters. We’re going to have to be reaching out here, and we have to be willing to talk about this stuff on the stump,’ and that’s fakery, too. It just went on for two weeks and then they forgot about it, hoping that people would remember the original position that they had stated after the election. But we know exactly what happens when they have power. We are seeing it now, just how we saw it in the past with LBJ.

What you’re seeing — what you have seen this year with Democrat super majorities everywhere — is who they are. Pay no attention to their attempt to change their skins today. They lie. They hide. They try to make you think that there are things that all information and history proves that they are not. They want you to believe and look at them in a certain way. They don’t want you to see their radicalism. That’s the mistake they’ve made in their arrogance and conceit. We’ve seen it on display for a year. Now they’re going to try to tell you that what you saw wasn’t true. That what you saw wasn’t real. They’re going to bank on the fact that you will swoon over their new attitude of complacency and niceness and congeniality and smiles and so forth. You gotta be on the watch for this, folks, because they are seductive, and they have the press to amplify that effort to seduce. ‘We all want to get along. We all want to work across the aisle.’ Well, we do want to get along. They want statist type of power.


RUSH: I check the e-mail during the break, ‘Rush, how do you know the Democrats don’t mean it this time? They really have gotten the scare of their life.’ Folks, look, if liberals only changed for two weeks after 9/11, all it took was two weeks for them to revert to who they are, what in the world makes anybody think that the Scott Brown victory is going to cause a permanent change? I can’t believe, folks, don’t doubt me on this. You gotta be aware of what’s happening here, just that simple. This is from the Associated Press: ‘Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she lacks the votes to quickly move the Senate’s sweeping health overhaul bill through the house, a potentially devastating blow to President Obama’s signature issue.’ A potentially devastating? Here is how the Speaker said it.

PELOSI: I don’t see the votes for it at this time. The members have been very clear in our caucus about the fact that they didn’t like it before it had the Nebraska provision and some of the other provisions that are unpalatable to them. But there is a recognition that there’s a foundation in that bill that is important, so one way or another those areas of agreement that we have will have to be advanced.

RUSH: Let me tell you the way I see this. The way I see this is that nobody who stands for reelection really wanted to sign this bill, really wanted to vote for it. Pelosi exempted. But you notice how fast the rats are deserting the ship after one election? After one election, everybody’s running away from this bill faster than I’ve seen anybody run away from a bill at all. I guarantee you, this is worse than you and I even know because it’s going to be impossible to put this whole thing back together as it was. They’ve got their out now. Nelson never wanted to vote this thing and he never wanted to take that stupid deal, same thing with Landrieu. They had to take it because they’re scared of Obama. They got Rahm Emanuel leaning on them talking about this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get what FDR wanted, we gotta do this for Obama, we gotta build a monument, this is the greatest thing for our party, if you don’t do this you’re going to lose reelection. But none of them wanted to do it, or clearly not a whole lot of them wanted to do it.

The way it manifested itself, as big as this thing got, I guarantee you, folks, I’m not saying the Democrats aren’t who they are, and I’m not saying that they’re not huge statists, but for Pelosi, it was just yesterday or maybe Tuesday where Pelosi said by hook or by crook we’re going to get this done. There will be health care reform. She was defiant as she could be. And all these Democrats before Brown actually won the election, ‘Oh, yeah, if we have to do whatever we have to do, in fact, delay certifying his election, delay seating him, Senate rules in charge, whatever we have to do to push this thing through,’ and then yesterday Obama comes out and says, ‘We’re not going to jam this through until Scott Brown is seated,’ meaning they’re going to jam it through at some point. But all these rats are deserting the ship so fast that it tells me, at least the ones publicly deserting wanted no part of this at any time and are really happy to be freed from the shackles.

Snerdley just asked me if this takes the albatross off them and strengthens their hand, meaning since this has fallen apart, that health care will not be something dragging them down, a shackle around their ankles. Let me tell you something. People are not going to forget this ’cause it’s not just health care, Snerdley, it is the arrogance. It is the willful ignoring of the will of the people. It is all of this spending; it is all of this debt, and the people of this country know that the Democrats own all of it. It is not the Republicans. The Democrats own this. So, no, hell, they just asked to raise the debt limit another $1.9 trillion yesterday. The debt limit is over $14 trillion now.

Now, this is a Politico story: ‘Sour Swing Voters Desert Democrats — As they did in the New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial contests last fall, sour swing voters overwhelmingly supported the Republican.’ Note now you swing voters, you moderates, you independents, now that you supported a Republican, now listen to the way they talk about you. They don’t have this reverence for you as they always used to. They loved you when you moderates were voting Democrat but now you’re sour, now they come up with all of these horrible words to describe you. The words I’ve seen to describe these independents are angry, sullen, sour, negated, dissatisfied, racist, hicks. You know how I would describe the independents and you moderates? Here’s how I would describe you: Energized, informed, frustrated, motivated, freedom loving, forceful, tireless, engaged. That’s what you are. And Mr. Snerdley, have no fear, that will not change, because the Democrats will soon revert to being who they are, within weeks, if not days.


RUSH: We’ll start in Jacksonville, Florida, with George. Great to have you on the program today, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s an honor to be speaking with you.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I will tell you after monumental events like the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, I sometimes wonder ‘what if.’ And I remember when Senator Kennedy, on his death bed, sent a letter to Deval Patrick and said, (paraphrasing) ‘No, no, no, can’t follow the law, let’s change the law and immediately appoint somebody because health care is that important.’ My teenaged daughter sometimes says, ‘Karma is a witch.’ And I’m wondering whether if that had not changed, whether today Martha Coakley might be the new Senator from Massachusetts.

RUSH: A bunch of people doing postmortems on this would agree with you that if they had just followed the law and gone ahead with their special election and not changed the law so that the governor could appoint somebody, then they would probably have still held onto the 60th seat. There’s no question about that in fact.

CALLER: You know, those who live by political chicanery die by political chicanery.

RUSH: Yeah. I love that phrase, too. It’s absolutely right. Thanks, George. Appreciate it.

Where we going next? Detroit. Ken. Nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, hello, Rush.


CALLER: I wanted to comment on how not only Obama and the Democrats have responded to the election in Massachusetts, but what we’ve seen from it. First of all, when we look at their behavior, their total rejection of it, it shows that they’re not living in the real world, Rush, they’re living in the world of fantasy. Now, the vote clearly showed that those of us who love freedom, who love this country, who embrace the Constitution, we have said that we reject the statist socialist agenda that Barack Obama and the Democrats are trying to force on us, Rush. I mean that’s pretty clear, that the American people, this is how we feel. This is what we’re getting out of this —

RUSH: Yeah. Look, I know what you’re saying. That they’ve heard us, they see, they have received a clear message. Don’t think it’s going to change them.

CALLER: No. Not at all.

RUSH: They’re gonna dislike us and hold us in contempt even more. They’re going to think we’re even stupider than they thought and they’re going to get even with us. This is the way the Democrats operate. They love you when you elect them, but when you don’t see the light, when you haven’t done the right thing, you become their enemy. Look, they were governing against the will of the American people to begin with, and they’re going to double down on that. They’re going to go through a two-week or three-week show here, as I said, trying to convince people they have changed their minds and they have seen the light, that they now understand that they were out of touch with the American people, like this story here. This is ABC News, an exclusive interview that Obama did with Stephanopoulos: ‘We Lost Touch with American People Last Year — Obama said today that he believes he lost a direct connection to the American people in his first year in office because he focused too heavily on policymaking. ‘If there’s one thing that I regret this year is that we were so busy just getting stuff done and dealing with the immediate crises that were in front of us that I think we lost some of that sense of speaking directly to the American people about what their core values are and why we have to make sure those institutions are matching up with those values.”

He doesn’t know what the core values are. He wants to impose new ones. This is so much poppycock. ‘The president said he made a mistake in assuming that if he focused on policy decisions, the American people would understand the reasoning behind them.’ My God, this guy made more speeches than anybody his first six months. He did not lose touch with the American people. He just exposed himself to be somebody he was not in terms of who they had voted for. ”That I do think is a mistake of mine,’ Obama said. ‘I think the assumption was if I just focus on policy, if I just focus on this provision or that law or if we’re making a good rational decision here, then people will get it.” They got it. They didn’t like what you were focusing on. They didn’t like what you weren’t focusing on. They didn’t think you were making rational decisions.

And listen to this. This is the piece de resistance. Folks, do not fall for this ‘we’ve seen the light; we have received your message; we know we overstepped; we know that we were out of touch; we know we tried to grab too much; we know we were governing against your –‘ none of that is true. And the president’s quote here in an interview with Stephanopoulos illustrates it. ‘Here’s my assessment of not just the vote in Massachusetts but the mood around the country: The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office. People are angry and they are frustrated. Not just because of what’s happened in the last year or two years but what’s happened over the last eight years.’

So he is still like a spoiled rotten little man-child blaming George W. Bush. Now, he’s either delusional or he is trying to move public opinion in this direction. He’s trying to tell people that the reason they’re mad is not the reason they’re mad. They’re mad at him, they’re mad at health care, they’re mad at spending, they’re mad at this out of control socialist agenda. It wasn’t anger at George Bush that elected Scott Brown. Scott Brown is a Republican! They are not, folks, going to change who they are. They have heard and received the clear message. Behind closed doors they are shouting obscenities aimed at us. Don’t doubt me.

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