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RUSH: Here’s Carl in Ironton, Ohio. Carl, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: It’s a great honor and privilege to speak with you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I’m really upset at the lack of coverage by the Drive-By Media on this election here in Massachusetts. Can you imagine if this was a long-held Republican seat? These Drive-Bys, I’m telling you, they’d have had every talking head on every morning show they could dig up. They would have been saying, ‘This is a repudiation of the Republicans and their beliefs, their values and their agendas.’

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: And, you know, you’re going to start seeing these Democrats now up for election in 2010 flee from Obama like rats from a sinking ship. This guy is the kiss of death. I truly believe what happened yesterday in Massachusetts, Rush, this is a tsunami, and it’s heading fast and furious to the rest of the Democratic Party all across this country.

RUSH: Amen. And most of them know it.


RUSH: Most of them know it. But boy, you are so right. They’d be wall-to-wall! If this were a Republican seat in Orange County that had been held for 40 years and went down the tubes, that’s all we’d be hearing. Let’s go to Today Show today, audio sound bite six and seven. Meredith Vieira got the first shot at Scott Brown. I think she whiffed the question. ‘On a personal note you said last night the first call you made after your victory was to Ted Kennedy’s widow Vicki. How comfortable was that for both of you, knowing that you’re going to do whatever you can to derail what Ted Kennedy called ‘the cause of his lifetime,’ which was health care reform?’

BROWN: First of all, you’re misrepresenting. I never said I was going to do everything I can to stop health care. I believe that everybody should have health care. It’s just a question of how we do it. Do we do a one-size-fits-all plan or do we have the states actually get more involved and do what we did. The call to Ms. Kennedy was very nice. I felt it was important to call her because I’ve known Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy for a while. I’ve worked with them for many, many years and he was, as you know, a living legend and had a great sense of humor — and I enjoyed that especially about him as well as the constituent services that they do in Washington.

RUSH: All right. That’s their B-roll in the background of Ted Kennedy. That’s not double-talk here on our part. But the lesson here is: Don’t accept the premise. Do not accept the premise. Very quickly, next question: ‘Bigger picture here: Some have said this is a referendum on the president. Do you agree with that?’

BROWN: No, it’s bigger than that. I really is. For us in our area, we have three speakers that were indicted, three senators that resigned in disgrace. We have out-of-control taxation and spending in Massachusetts. You couple that with what’s being proposed nationally, people are angry. They’re tired of the backroom deals. They want transparency, they want good government, they want fairness, and they want people to start working and solving their problems.

RUSH: ‘It’s bigger than Obama.’ Back after this.


RUSH: Folks, there’s another way to look at what happened yesterday in Massachusetts, including Hyannis Port. I mean, I don’t know how else to describe this. I don’t know how else to characterize this. It just seems to me that all those good people in Massachusetts want Obama to fail, even the people in Hyannis Port. Doesn’t it seem that way to you? The people of Massachusetts, by a vast majority, want Obama to fail.

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