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Rush’s Morning Update: Undeserving
January 19, 2010

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In the final hours before today’s special election, Massachusetts Democrats unleashed a despicable “surprise”to try to regain momentum for the hapless “Marcia” Coakley (as she’s called by Patrick Kennedy). A print ad sent to voters by the Democrat Party says: “1,736 women were raped in Massachusetts in 2008.” It then claims that “Scott Brown wants hospitals to turn them all away.”

The claim, obviously, is a blatant lie. No one– Republican, Democrat, or Independent– would advocate hospitals turn away rape victims; it’s absurd. More egregious, the lie is based on an amendment Scott Brown once offered, giving religious protections to hospital workers, while supporting emergency treatment for rape victims.

Now what Democrats have proved over and over again, is that winning elections is a license to smear their opponents with horrendous attacks aimed at frightening voters. Seniors are told Republicans want to take their Social Security or Medicare away. Parents are told Republicans will starve their children,taking school lunches and breakfasts away. Now, raped women are used for political fodder,as if they haven’t suffered enough.

Win or lose in Massachusetts,the true nature of elected Democrats is beginning to penetrate the false image their party has projected for decades. They despise “the little guy” they claim to protect. They are a party of bigots,as the “light-skinned, Negro dialect” comments of Harry Reid demonstrate. They will rewrite laws, lie, smear, cheat –anything to obtain victory, as the Coakley campaign clearly shows. They don’t deserve the power that they’ve already been granted — much less the power they seek.

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