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RUSH: Look, we have to understand something. The press, the State-Controlled Media, the Democrat Party politicize everything. That’s what’s so laughable about them jumping on my case for politicizing this business in Haiti. They politicize everything. And they look at everything through a political prism.

Now, here’s the Media Tweak of the Day. I would like to ask Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm’s brother, if they’re planning on cost-benefit considerations for the victims of the earthquake. Remember, we’re going to have cost-benefit analysis to assign health care to people in this country, does it make sense to invest the money in their survival? Are we going to do the same thing in Haiti since we’re the lead country? Are we going to use the same principle in Haiti that we’re going to use here when Clinton and Obamacare finally sees the light of day? Are we just going to decide some people are not worth saving in Haiti? Or are we going to try to save ’em all? What are we going to do?


RUSH: Will somebody ask Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who is Rahm’s brother and one of the lead White House people on health care, whether they’re planning cost-benefit considerations for each Haiti victim? Will they consider age, potential contribution to society, all the other factors that we are assured are not death panel guidelines in our own health care system? This rescue, however compassionate, should have at least the same transparency that Obama promised for our health care. And remember, he told a woman about her 95-year-old mother, (paraphrasing) ‘No, no, we probably wouldn’t give her a pacemaker. Give ’em a pill.’ How many Haitians will we decide to give a pill? A legitimate question.

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