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“If only the Obama administration would go after terrorists with the same zeal that they are pursuing evil capitalists.”

“The unions were always going to be exempted from the Cadillac tax plans. They are the major contributors to the Democrat National Committee and to Obama. They are the foot soldiers.”

“The Amish will be totally exempted on religious grounds from any of the new health care mandates. That religion may grow in tremendous numbers.”

“Only a statist, somebody doing this on purpose, would employ the policies that we are employing. It would be insane to expect sales to go up in this climate.”

“Why would it be unexpected that retail sales would fall in December? Even the media told us it’s not going to be a good Christmas. Who told us it was? Who are these people that expected retail sales to go up in December?”

“All Cash for Clunkers did was move purchase decisions up a month or two. It didn’t increase auto sales at all. We predicted this. We are not economists here at the EIB Network. We are not highly trained economic experts. But we know more about it than those who are.”

“I think Obama has the same speechwriter as Hugo Chavez. He’s down there nationalizing businesses left and right, all kinds of threats aimed at businesses.”

“Obama is engaging in these unwarranted class envy oriented attacks on banks and Wall Street firms to divert attention from his monumental failure as president in dealing with the economy and job losses and foreclosures. He is a dismal failure.”

“You could take every bonus given on Wall Street and add ’em all up, and it wouldn’t come anywhere near the trillions of dollars in fiscal waste and deficit spending of Barack Obama.”

“It’s too bad that Obama doesn’t show the same outrage about the waste of taxpayer dollars by ACORN or the enormous cost of government created by all of these unions that work in the government public sector. This has a direct impact on our quality of life.”

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