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RUSH: Now, if in order for the American people to turn their economy over to Obama — car manufacturers, banks, health care, the environment… By the way, there is a picture of Nancy Pelosi at the Detroit auto show plugging in a Chevrolet Volt to a charger with one of her employees — General Motors president, vice president — looking on.

This is hilarious. These Democrats are going up to observe what their companies are doing. Ford reported gangbuster business while GM and Chrysler haven’t. Anyway, for people to turn the economy over to Obama — car manufacturers, banks, health care, the environment — it was necessary to position young Barack Obama as a once-in-a-lifetime genius, a phenom, a man who was so brilliant he didn’t require experience of any kind. He had ‘a gift,’ and we simply weren’t capable of understanding the munificence, the magnificence of Barack H. Obama: A man of brilliance, unflappable, oozing with good judgment and a cool demeanor. He was simply The One. Well, in one year, we have progressed from women fainting at the sight of the Most Merciful Barack Obama, to where people now faint when they get their pink slip from their construction firm that never received any of those shovel-ready jobs.

See what’s happened out there, folks, is that Barack H. Obama has met reality and his perceived IQ has fallen precipitously as a result. This man is so much less than special. He’s inexperienced, he’s cold, he’s detached. He has, as I frequently say, a chip on his shoulder about this country. He is resentful of the private sector, poorly educated in free markets. He has exhibited no interest in admitting to or learning from his mistakes and is either not particularly bright or has spectacularly bad judgment. Everywhere we look, folks, it’s a mess. Obama has all the votes he needs in Congress to do everything and anything he wants. His party has controlled Congress since 2006 (2007 when they were inaugurated). The deficit is an economic black hole.

There are no new permanent jobs saved, created, or funded. We’ve had two terrorist attacks that the president barely acknowledges. He’s appointing czars like he’s living in the Soviet Union. The country has seen one failure after another and identified it as such. Out of sheer tolerance and politeness, the country has chosen not to dislike this phony as much as they hate his policies. We don’t like Obama’s America. The State of the Union is far worse than we are ready to admit, and we know that it’s bad. His party, the Democrat Party, is imploding. A Senate seat in Massachusetts once held by the swimmer, Ted Kennedy, is actually in play! He’s down two governors now, and the Blue Dogs are retiring and headed back to the pound. Some are even switching parties. If results mean anything — and we look at results on this program; we don’t judge intentions.

If results mean anything, Barack Obama is closer to a dunce than a genius. He doesn’t know what he’s doing any more than Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. I mean, these people are raging ideological incompetents and we’re way past pretending otherwise. I know that he believes all this stuff, and it’s dangerous as hell. He’s been educated so improperly, that the stuff that he believes is just dangerous. Barack Obama was overpromised and he has under-delivered. I thought that it would have been the end of the day when he said ‘and we’re going to lower the sea levels.’ No, come on, people aren’t going to fall for that! But at the time most of them believed that New York is going to be underwater in 20 years. He has spectacularly under-delivered and yet he wants more power over us as if he’s earned it, as if his collectivist-statist agenda has made a positive difference in people’s lives.


RUSH: Here is Joni in Boerne, Texas. You’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program.

CALLER: Rush Hudson Limbaugh, mmm, mmm, mmm.

RUSH: Mmm, mmm, mmm.

CALLER: Thank God you’re healthy, man, and happy belatedly birthday yesterday.

RUSH: Thank you. Thanks very much.

CALLER: You know, talking to you almost takes my anger away, but I’m just so incensed that the Democrats think we’re all stupid. You know, they live in an opposite world and they think the rest of the country followed suit. They keep telling us lies and they expect us to believe whatever they say just because they say it, you know.

RUSH: That’s all they do, everything they do is a lie.

CALLER: Everything.

RUSH: Like the two million jobs they created in the last half of last year. That’s the news today, two million jobs created.

CALLER: Yeah. They assumed that they succeeded in mesmerizing all of us in removing all sense of decency, ethics, and common sense. Their arrogance is just astounding. It’s beyond astounding.

RUSH: Yeah, and of course if you look at the latest polling data on health care, Obama is in the mid-thirties on approval. His job approval is at 45 and 46% in major polls. They have to be clearly aware of this, and their technique is just to lie even bigger.

CALLER: Do they care?

RUSH: And lie even more.

CALLER: Do they even care?

RUSH: About what?

CALLER: Do they even care that their poll numbers are so low? I don’t think they care. That’s just really frightening to me.

RUSH: Well, you’d have to conclude they don’t care in one sense because they’re governing against the will of the people. Look, this is why Levin wrote his book, Liberty and Tyranny, it’s why he calls them statists. These people are not interested in democracy. They really are not interested in it. You can’t trust the electorate to do the right thing as defined by Democrats. Voting is a problematic thing, and even though they have clear majorities in the House and the Senate, supermajority in the Senate, they still are governing against the will of the people. And buyers remorse is settling in on Obama. At this point I’m really not interested in their motivations. I’m interested in stopping them. It’s fun to try to figure ’em out. I’ve done as good a job psychologically as anybody ever has or will, because I know these people. And basically what I’ll tell you is they care in an ego sense, they want to be loved but they are more committed to their agenda than they are to being loved. They’ve never been this close to getting health care, and that’s ball game. Single payer, socialized national health care is ball game. That’s total control of the country, pure and simple. And they are committed to that. And they think they’re so close to it, it doesn’t matter. Ted Kennedy could send them all a vision in their sleep: ‘Don’t do it, it’s going to ruin the country,’ nobody can talk ’em out of it. Glad you called, Joni. Thanks very much.

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