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RUSH: Here’s Leo in Port Arthur, Texas, great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Yeah, good afternoon. I’m listening to today’s program, and I’m wondering, man: When is enough enough? Conservatives seem to take the approach regardless of the outcome. Now, the president has accepted Reid’s apology, but for some reason y’all continuing to just vomit over the airwaves and lap this up to keep it going because the — the conservatives don’t even have a message and don’t have any leadership. I see this as a distraction, a distractionary (sic) tactic from the old conservative playbook to distract America from the real issues. With everything that we’re facing as a country right now, every minute wasted not discussing the issues — especially issues in your own party — is a wasted minute. I mean, come on. Let’s — let’s get real with — with — with what’s going on and what’s really important in America right now.

RUSH: What’s that, Leo? What’s really important in America right now?

CALLER: Getting the economy back on track — reuniting the country —

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: — reuniting the country —

RUSH: Hey, Leo?

CALLER: Uh, an honest, decent approach to politics in this country.

RUSH: Leo? Leo? Who’s got the ideas to bring the economy back?

CALLER: The Democrats. If you all would just sit down —

RUSH: Leo? Leo?

CALLER: — take your lumps and let the Democrats do what they have to do and everything would be all right.

RUSH: Leo, you illustrate the biggest problem this country faces, and that is a partisanship that blinds you to truth and has you loyal to lies. The Democrats have the best ideas? There’s nobody that can stop their ideas. The Republicans don’t have the votes to stop anything, Leo. This destruction of the US economy is owned single-handedly by Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. They own it. They have destroyed the US private sector and they are going to destroy even more of it, and it’s happening right in front of our eyes. Do you remember a name by the name of George Allen, Leo? He’s a man that uttered the word ‘Macaca’ at a campaign rally, and the Washington Post, the Democrat Party didn’t say, ‘You know, the country facing some really important issues now. We’re going to kind of forget that George Allen said this.

‘In fact, we don’t even know what a Macaca is.’ No, we didn’t do that, Leo. The Washington Post and the Democrat Party proceeded to drive George Allen from the campaign, just as they, along with Republican help, drove Trent Lott from his leadership post in the United States Senate. I should tell you people that I am told by our official call screener today — who is not Mr. Snerdley. Mr. Snerdley is traveling back today from halfway around the world, and he’ll be back tomorrow. But we are being overrun by spam call campaign of people defending Dingy Harry. They’re out in droves today. The Reid defenders are all over the place. It’s a coordinated attack, and they say, ‘We don’t support what he said, but, gosh, can’t we move on here? I mean, you Republicans are wasting time. We got big, important issues here, and you’re focusing on a bunch of stuff in a book.’ That’s the tactic that they’re using. We are prepared and are ready for them.


RUSH: This nation is entering its eighth year, eighth year of still discussing a radio host saying Donovan McNabb is overrated by the media ’cause he’s black, which was not racist in any way, shape, or form, and the left wants us to not mention Dingy Harry and Bill Clinton for a day, and yet for eight years they will not let go of this Donovan McNabb incident that I got started on ESPN. Here’s Keith in Columbus, Ohio. Nice to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, sir. What I find with these comments, even though I do agree with what he said because it is true, I find them hilarious. I don’t find any offense to them, and the reason being is because the United States is so morally afraid to take this issue on that any time race is brought up, any issue, it gets swept under the carpet, and there’s a lot of thin-skinned, and I’m going to use the term ‘Negroes’ out there, they should not blow this up for more than what it is. The man spoke the truth. Now, his choice of words may be… but I have to look at his age, and that is the way they used to talk —

RUSH: Hey, Keith?

CALLER: Huh-uh?

RUSH: Are you black?

CALLER: Yes, I am.

RUSH: Well, I thought a detected a black dialect but I wasn’t sure, I was going to call Harry Reid. But let me ask you, do you understand the opposite of what Harry Reid said? Do you know what he really said? You say he spoke the truth, and I agree —

CALLER: Yes, it is true. This country would not have elected a dark-pigmented man using the diss, dem, dey, there’s no way in the world that you would have elected him president.

RUSH: And so you think —

CALLER: — let me say this to you, Rush, let me say this to you, it’s not even a black dialect, it is more of an ignorance and an education level dialect and some of it is just people refuse to use proper English. They find it easier to speak that way.

RUSH: Well, I understand all that, Obama didn’t want to be too white for his street cred in Chicago. That’s why he chose Reverend Wright, but your comment about we’re cowards, you sound like Eric Holder, we’re cowards about race. We never stopped talking about race in this country, I think we need to stop talking about it and stop being concerned with it and treat everybody in a colorblind society. That’s what I aspire to. But we don’t. You don’t think it’s an important thing here that the Democrat Party thinks of blacks with a plantation mentality? That’s what the Clinton comment proves. That’s what Hillary —

CALLER: — Democrat Party, sir. And if you excuse me for saying, it’s the majority of white men think this way and the reason being they don’t have black friends, they don’t spend a lot of time around black people, they don’t live around them, they look at the news, that is the time they see black people and that is what they believe about black people. They do not take the time —

RUSH: I don’t think that. You can’t take what black people want to have believed about them out of the equation. Look at the rappers. The rappers say, ‘Hey, this is our culture; this is the way we’re forced to grow up; this is why we hate the cops; you have got to understand our lives.’ We’re told what black life in America is like through black culture. It’s not prejudice that’s causing all of this.

CALLER: That is exactly what I said and that’s the same way I feel about Mr. Reid. It is not prejudice. He came up in a different era and that is the way they talk and like I said, I feel it’s unfortunate that he said that but again it is true what he said, it’s true exactly what he said.

RUSH: Maybe so, but the point is he can get away with it, and others in the country couldn’t. I couldn’t get away with it. If I had said that I’d be toast. There’s clearly a double standard here and the double standard benefits the people who I think are the genuine racists and bigots, and that’s the Democrats. The double standard gives the benefit of the doubt to people who we know look at blacks with a plantation mentality. I mean Bill Clinton goes to Ted Kennedy and says, (imitating Bubba) ‘Come on, man, you can’t endorse that guy, I mean a few years ago he’d be fetching us our coffee.’ I don’t know anybody saying that on my side of the aisle. I think it’s a big deal here. If we want to talk about race, let’s talk about it in a way that we haven’t really nationally, and that is the racism in the Democrat Party. Go back and look at the primaries through 2007-2008 between Hillary and Obama and look at some in the media were calling Obama not authentic enough, it wasn’t us. It wasn’t our side doing that. It was them. And that’s the big untold story in our culture today is that there is an ideological belief and a political party that gets away with all of this. I mean the Democrat Party’s destroyed the black family, maybe with their good intentions, but so what? The end result is horrible. I don’t care about the intentions. All of these welfare programs have done nothing to help, and, to me, it’s near criminal what’s been done in the name of compassion and it’s been genuinely destructive.

Let’s go to Albany. Tom, you’re next on the EIB Network. Great to have you here. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Hello, Rush. It’s great to speak with you and thank you for the work you do.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: We’ve talked before, and our previous conversations were kind of lighthearted, we kind of laughed at certain Democrats. Today I’m furious. I’m worked up worse than I’ve been in a long time. You had a call ten minutes ago from a guy saying leave Harry Reid alone, we have to worry about America and you can’t keep regurgitating negative press about Reid and on and on and on.

RUSH: Yeah, but let me tell you something about that. We’re being spammed with these people and the reason we’re getting coordinated calls is because Reid and the Democrats are worried, they know that the Reid quote genuinely, really hurts them and that’s why they have this army out there trying to call all radio talk shows and intimidate hosts into dropping it.

CALLER: Well, let me share this with you. During Christmas week when you had the attempted bombing of the plane, and basically there was nothing good coming from the White House and nothing good from the Democratic Party, out of curiosity, I switched over to MSNBC to see what they were talking about. Monday night, Sarah Palin. Tuesday night, Bristol Palin, Wednesday night, Bristol Palin’s boyfriend, Thursday night, Sarah Palin. You know, night after night, Sarah Palin lost the election in 2008. This is 2010. They’re still talking not just about Sarah Palin, her daughter, her daughter’s boyfriend’s going to appear in Playgirl, and they have the nerve to say we need to talk about America?

RUSH: Good point. Good point. They won’t let my McNabb comment go. They won’t let Sarah Palin go. When Harry Reid comes out and says one thing, ‘Let’s move on, far more important things to do, to talk about.’ This is what they always, always do. This is because they’re being genuinely hurt by this.

CALLER: Didn’t they — Ron Howard, Opie, didn’t he make the movie Frost/Nixon, the tapes?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: I mean when are they going to leave Nixon alone? That was 35 years ago, Rush. These are the guys who live in the past and now when Harry Reid opens his mouth and steps in it what are they saying? We gotta focus on the future.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: We gotta focus on America. It’s a double standard, Rush.

RUSH: Of course it’s a double standard and they’ve got the media on their side, but it’s more than a double standard, Tom, and not to diminish the powerful point that you’re making because you’re dead-on right, but in addition to that, it is who they are. It is how they operate. Character assassination, revision of history, the attempted destruction of people on the other side who are credible is how they operate. That’s why they continually go after Reagan. They cannot afford for the truth of the eighties to become commonplace. The truth of the eighties would wipe out anything Obama’s trying to do.

If people had not had their history revised about the 1980s Obama would have never been elected and this stimulus package would have never been implemented. But Reagan, the time he was in office he was mean-spirited. He was a racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe. He was responsible for AIDS, he stole the homeless’ cans of pork and beans and went back to the White House and ate them. He didn’t care about people, all the while everybody’s life in this country was improving tenfold with an economic recovery finally getting started ’83, ’84, after the ’82 tax cuts. I mean the country was booming for years and years and years, and they have to make sure that nobody remembers that Reagan and his policies, conservatism, was responsible for that.

These people, as a matter of policy, have to destroy the enemies that they consider to be effective, which is why they don’t let go of Nixon, which is why they don’t let go of Reagan, which is why any Republican that’s in a position of power, if they have a chance to drum them out of town, they will do it. Anybody else in the media that they perceive as being a threat they go after as well. It’s who they are. Yeah, there’s a double standard, but I think with these quotes from Dingy Harry and Bill Clinton what people have to understand is these liberals, these Democrats are the exact opposite of compassionate and tolerant and all of the other soft, fuzzy, and warm images that they have created and maintained for themselves. It’s not true.

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