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Rush’s Morning Update: Thinker!
January 12, 2010

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For the past 18 years, the New York Mills Regional Cultural Center, based in New York Mills, Minnesota, has been sponsoring a “think-off.” A philosophical debate question is offered; anybody can submit an 750-word essay. Four finalists are chosen to debate before a live audience, andthe winner is awarded the title, “America’s Greatest Thinker for 2010.”

This year’s question– on the cutting edge of originality– is, “Do the wealthy have an obligation to help the poor?”

It’s a no-brainer. Of course the wealthy have an “obligation” to help the poor. This year they’re obligated more than ever thanks to Democrats shoving new taxes on the so-called wealthy almost weekly! The entire Democrat Party agenda is based on taxing wealth — stealing other people’s money for the supposed benefit of the poor. But, as always, the “help” actually ends up hurting the poor, by choking off economic growth, job creation, and– most importantly– self reliance. The poor stay poor, and become permanent wards of the state…which is what theDemocrats want, to hold onto their political power.

America’s wealthy are the most generous people in the world,voluntarily and involuntarily. The better question for debate would be: “Do the poor have an obligation to help themselves?” You don’t need 750 words. The answer is, “Yes, they do,” and, “Yes, they can” — simply by investing in their own prosperity rather than relying on Democrats to save them.

I know I would win the prize this year, but keep it. I don’t need it. Thank you.

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