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RUSH: Okay. This next story is not a very long story, but we don’t seek to shock anybody here, and we don’t live in the gutter on this program. It’s also Friday, which means that a lot of school students are not in school today. Not just because of snow removal but because school districts are out of money, and they furloughed the teachers and the students are not in school. Therefore, there might be kids listening. That’s happening in Hawaii. What happened when I got my chest pains is I was reading about that in Hawaii. They’re having fewer instructional days in Hawaii, and they’re outta money. They’re outta money and it’s a mess. But anyway, kids may be listening to the program and some of you adults may be offended by what’s coming next. It’s about James Carville, and I don’t want to anybody to be offended. I’m not here to shock anybody. So I’m going to give you ample time to tune out, and you can come back in 30 seconds.

So I’m going to count down from five, and when I reach one, if you’re still listening and you still are offended by what I say, you can call but nobody’s going to listen to you. You can call and complain and whine but you’ve been warned. Five…four…three…two…one. The story today is from TheHill.com. It’s a blog called The Washington Scene. ‘The debate over full body security scans just got a lot more graphic, thanks to … James Carville.’ He was speaking on The Tony Kornheiser Show today in Washington and this is what Carville said about airport full-body scanners. He said, ‘Let me buy a [security] pass … so that they can scan me and — and search me and measure my penis, then let me get on the plane.’ James Carville worried that they could measure his penis in a full-body scan. James, don’t worry. It wouldn’t take long. Okay, we’re now finished with the potentially embarrassing and offensive story, and you can now come back to the EIB Network.

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