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DR. WALTER E. WILLIAMS: Well, first of all, folks, I should say that Rush continues to rest very comfortably in the hospital in Honolulu this afternoon. Actually, it’s morning out there. He had a comfortable night’s rest and is getting good medical attention. Yesterday… Let me go back a little bit. Yesterday, Wednesday, he was taken to a hospital in Honolulu after complaining of chest pains. Those pains were the kind of pains that makes one feel like he has a heart attack coming on, but it’s not been confirmed that it was a heart attack.

Today, Thursday, he’ll have a complete examination and we’ll know more. And we’ll keep everyone informed when there’s information to share. We just don’t have a lot of information to share right now. Know this, though: Rush is in good and stable condition, comfortable — as comfortable as one can be in a hospital while on vacation — and he’s in good hands. And you are in good hands today with Walter. E. Williams sitting in the Attila the Hun Chair.

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