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RUSH: This afternoon in Washington at a press conference, Senate majority leader Dingy Harry spoke. An unidentified reporter said to him: ‘Republicans say that you do not have the support of the public. Michael Steele accused Democrats of flipping Americans the bird. Do you worry about political fallout?’

REID: I’m more worried about an example being set by a party leader of something so obscene. If you look at the morning polls today, there are some polls that show the support of this bill is up about 10% just overnight. American people, once they have the information will be totally supportive of this bill. I’m disappointed that someone would be so — so crass and set such a terrible example for the youth of this country.

RUSH: Oh, give me a break. Michael Steele says the Democrats are flipping Americans off and we get a morality play from Dingy Harry, who told school kids that Bush was stupid. What about people like Ted Kennedy saying things that he said about Robert Bork? Setting an example? What about how they tried to destroy Clarence Thomas. And by the way, the American people, the more they find out about this, the more they oppose this. So the next question is, ‘Could you address concerns that the bill is chock-full of pet projects that were designed to benefit your states and perhaps to secure the votes of wavering Democrats?’

REID: This legislation is no different than the defense bill we just spent, we spent $600 billion on. It’s no different than other pieces of legislation. We worked — there is a hundred senators here, and I don’t know if there is a Senator that doesn’t have something in this bill that was important to them. And if they don’t have something in it important to them, then it’s — doesn’t speak well of them. That’s what this legislation is all about.

RUSH: Can I translate this for you? What Harry Reid just said here is any Senator who didn’t get a payoff is a lousy Senator. That’s how legislation works is paying off senators. Well, learn it, love it, live it, America, because the Democrats in their ego and in their arrogance here are finally vomiting in public everything about who they really are. And it’s easy to accept and believe if you just understand that these are liberals. Now, Dingy Harry just got through trashing Michael Steele because Michael Steele said that the Democrats are flipping the bird. Listen to this latest ad from Rock the Vote. It’s a video PSA.

AMURRI: Politics is personal. It’s more than just checking a box. We ask you to join us in this pledge.

AMURRI AND GILFORD: We pledge ourselves to the health and liberty of young Americans and to government for the people. We pledge to educate ourselves.

WOMAN: To stand against those who fight us.

WOMEN: With mind, body, and in spirit.

AMURRI AND GILFORD: And to never f-(bleep) you if you are against us.

GILFORD: We will vote against you.

AMURRI AND GILFORD: Work against you, and once again, just in case you forgot.

AMURRI: Never, ever.

WOMAN: Never, ever.

GILFORD: Never, ever.

WOMEN: Never, ever f-(bleep) you.

AMURRI: I’m holding out for health care. Rock the Vote any way you can.

RUSH: Now, the two people in this ad are Eva Amurri, who is the daughter of Susan Sarandon. The other is Zach Gilford, an actor. I forget what program he’s on. But the bleeps here are the F-bomb, and what they are doing in this Rock the Vote video is claiming that they will withhold — how shall I say this — favors, they will withhold favors if you don’t support Obama-run health care, and they are urging people in their relationships, if your spouse or significant other doesn’t support health care, then freeze ’em out. That’s the purpose of this Rock the Vote. So Dingy Harry, you want to talk about bad examples, crass examples?


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