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RUSH: I just got a note from a friend: ‘The Obama administration is turning out to be more fun than you ever thought it would be.’ I wish this were fun. Fun? I have a question. If all these Democrats, Obama, Dingy Harry, are talking about this being such a wonderfully historic moment, why are the Democrats doing this under the cover of darkness, in the middle of night like rats, instead of the heroic statesmen they think they are? I mean this isn’t how Social Security was passed under FDR or even the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or anything else thought to be heroic and noble. They have to do this under cover of darkness, they have to hide this, all because — well, you know, the reasons. A monument to Obama, a 50-year, 60-year crush and demand on getting something like this.

But I have a question for you leftists out there who hate America. One of the reasons that you hate America is that we are such a small percentage of the world’s population, but we use so many of the world’s resources for ourselves. We’re colonialist; we’re imperialist; we have stolen from the poor peoples of the world all to enhance our ridiculously outrageous rich lifestyles. I have a question for you. All this borrowing by Obama, all of this spending, isn’t the United States hurting the rest of the world, and especially the poor Third World by sucking all the capital out of the world’s economy to fund our debt? I cannot emphasize enough the ChiComs saying the world doesn’t have the money to finance the US debt. We’re using so much of it to fund our own debt, and we’re doing it why?

For one man. You can talk about Bush as a cowboy, but we are sucking up the world’s debt so that Obama can pretend to be dictator. Where’s the outrage? Where’s the outrage from those of you on the left who are so concerned about the poor of the world, the Third World and being denied their own rightful opportunity to produce wealth, where are you and your concern? Wouldn’t the best thing we could do for the world, be to cut our deficit? Wouldn’t that be a tremendous benefit to the small countries who now will be able to get more credit and expand their own economies were we to cut our deficit and stop all this spending? As it is we’re not only freezing out our own economy, we’re not only depleting it of capital, we’re doing so all over the world. All because of the ego of one man, Barack Obama, who believes that he is savior of the world.


RUSH: President Obama today made a speech about cutting government costs. That is the next shift now — ‘We gotta get the deficit down! We gotta get the deficit down!’ — all because he’s run it up. Why not freeze or cut back federal employee salaries? I mean, if you can do it to CEOs… We know that federal employees are making much more than private sector employees on average. Cut them back. Of course that won’t happen because that would make sense.

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