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Rush’s Morning Update: Slurred
December 21, 2009
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On a recent flight from New York to Washington, DC,a flight attendant instructed Senator Chuck-USchumer to turn off his cell phone –it’s a federal regulation that anyone flying commercially has to follow prior to takeoff. Well, Schumer wasn’t being singled out, either; everyone who flies knows the drill. Failure to comply can lead to yourarrest.

But Chuck-Uwasn’t in the mood to bother with regulations intended for peasants. He argued with the flight attendantand then called her the B-word: B-I-ITCH. Yeah, he said to her: “B-I-ITCH!” Sitting next to him while this spectacle unfolded was New York’s junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who refused to condemn Chuck-U’s behavior.

Now, Schumer has since apologized to the flight attendant and said that his sleazy outburst was “off-the-cuff.” It took four days before the story emerged in State-Controlled Media– and even then, some outlets refused to print the actual slur that Schumer used (so, again, it was:B-I-ITCH)to castigate the flight attendant who was just doing her job.

What a stark contrast to the media feeding frenzy that another senator, George Allen from Virginia, faced when he “off-the-cuff” called a disruptive Democrat political operative a “macaca.” Nobody even knew what “macaca” was;we all know what the word “B-I-ITCH” means, though. (I still don’t know what “macaca” means!)

The State-Controlled Media houndedGeorge Allen out of the Senate for his supposed “slur,” while Democrat Chuck-U Schumer gets a pass. And, by the way, he got the flight attendant’s phone number, too.

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