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RUSH: Now, on drug reimportation, the White House assured liberal-kook bloggers that Obama is working back channels to get that done later. Because the reimportation of drugs, that’s another thing that ticked off the left because that means insurance companies here get ‘obscene profits’ and people don’t get to buy cheap drugs imported from Canada. So they held a conference call yesterday with liberal bloggers, and during the Q&A, blogger Susie Madrak said, ‘I thought that whole maneuver with importing the pharmaceutical drugs was shameless. I mean, anybody in the industry knows that the FDA inspects those facilities in other countries, but in fact a lot of the pharmaceutical companies that are bringing those drugs into the country from those exacts same plants — you know, and considering that President Obama campaigned on this — I would just like to hear some feedback on that.’

WOMAN: One good thing that happened this week is that the Labor-HHS bill was among the bills that was finally approved by the Senate, and in that bill was a proposal that President Obama put forth as soon as he got here, which is to get the FDA started on the kind of work it needs to do to have the infrastructure and the system to do importation of drugs safely. The president is committed to that. He put money in the budget for FDA to start working on: How do we get the system up and running to do this kind of thing safely?

RUSH: Were you able to understand that? I have the transcript so I know what she said. Basically she said: Don’t worry about it; Obama’s working on this back channels. He’s going to get this done later on. Which I’m sure all that’s true. All of that and more is going to get done next year and then the year after that there will be more added. It’s never going to stop. Now, this is the same phone call. This is David Axelrod trying to walk back his comment that Ben Nelson and Howard Dean are insane.

AXELROD: I’m not, uh, professionally qualified to judge insanity. Maybe I should have used a different word. I just think it’s wrong-headed to suggest that, uh, somehow these bills, uh, uh, aren’t infinitely, uh, better than what we have today. They are, and it would just be a shame… We have this extraordinary moment when we can win where we never could win, uh, before, and, uhh.. I just… That’s the basis from which I use that word. I don’t doubt the sincerity of people in this debate on all sides, and certainly people in the progressive community I know care deeply about, uh, rectifying the very problems I’m talking about. But these bills will go a long ways toward doing that and that’s why I feel so strongly about it.

RUSH: See, they’re in trouble. They have to schedule this conference call with all these nut cake loopy tunes bloggers to try to assure them, ‘No, we don’t mean what we mean and we didn’t say what we said and you couldn’t hear us right — and privately we do think you’re insane and we wish you would leave us the hell alone!’ Now the last one is a question from a blogger at the Huffing and Puffington Post, and the question is: ‘The president’s approval rating. I mean, there’s no up in these polls. It’s straight down for several weeks now. The enthusiasm gap, the NBC poll today. You see, overall, really distressing signals for Democrats in 2010. Is there something in the context of this health care debate or beyond it? Is there something that you have in mind that will reverse this trend heading into next year?

AXELROD: I’d be the last person to dismiss polls. I mean, given the profession that I’m — I’ve been in. But there are things that transcend polls. We have the opportunity to do something that positive way. That’s why we’re here. We’re not here to husband our poll numbers like a trophy on the shelf and take ’em down and admire them every once in a while.

RUSH: Ehhhhhhhh, don’t be fooled, folks. They’re worried about the plummeting poll numbers. Not because it’s going to affect their energy to get this done but because Obama is a narcissist. He wants to be idolized, not just loved. He wants his face on Mount Rushmore, probably before he leaves office! So it does bother them in that context. But they didn’t expect any of this. Folks, I guarantee you that when they were immaculated, they were thinking that this was going to be a road as smooth as any ever paved. They thought the universal love and devotion would make it so. They’ve made the same mistake that the Republicans made in 1994. When we won all those House elections and took over the House in 1994, the Republicans assumed that the country at large had ideologically turned to conservatism, and they stopped teaching it. They stopped explaining why they were doing what they were doing, and that allowed the Democrats to butcher it.

These guys, I think, have doubly overestimated that the country has turned far-left fringe because of the cultlike following Obama had. Therefore, I think they’re shocked and stunned by all of this. I mean, that Olympic vote? They may act like it was no big deal but being the first nation tossed out after Obama makes a special trip over there? Presidents never do things like that without the outcome being set in stone before he even leaves town. But they had so much faith in the cultlike ability of Obama to mesmerize and hypnotize people! Just because he was there, Chicago would get the Olympics — and they loved snubbing the president of the United States. This Copenhagen debacle is more of the same. He gets lectured to over on his Asian trip. His only, quote, unquote, ‘success’ is laughing and shaking hands with Hugo Chavez. But that didn’t last long because Hugo is now referring to him as the devil. He still smells ‘sulfur’ in the meeting room at Copenhagen.

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