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RUSH: Now, the Iranians are denying this story, but it’s in multiple sources here. ‘The deputy minister, Mohammed Haj Mahmoud, said Iranian troops seized oil well No. 4 Thursday night in the al-Fakkah…’ gotta pronounce that carefully ‘…oil field, located about 200 miles southeast of Baghdad. The oil field is one of Iraq’s largest.’ However, as I say, the Iranians are denying this. Now, ladies and gentlemen, as far as Iran is concerned, let’s be blunt here. The only way to stop them is to destroy the Iranian regime, the mullahs, and that can only be accomplished through war. And by war I don’t mean ground troops, I mean massive bombing raids intended to destroy every one of the key targets. The question is whether we have the will to do this anymore. Danielle Pletka, from I think AEI, had a column on this in the Washington Post earlier this week basically stating our policy is one of containment and how erroneous and dangerous that is. It’s a leftover containment policy, mutually assured destruction that we had with the Soviets.

But these people are irrational, and they are irrational religious fanatics, and the guy running the country, the figurehead, anyway, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, really does believe that he must make the last days occur so that the 12th imam can rise from the well. And the only way to do that is to destroy Israel and Western countries. So I don’t know whether we have the will to do this or not. Bush didn’t because he was engaged in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they would have impeached him if he tried. Obama’s tied up in knots with his own appeasement mentality, his left-wing base. Everything Obama is touching is coming apart. Everything’s unraveling. ‘World Stunned by Obama’s Copenhagen Speech,’ from the UK Guardian, and they are a bunch of commies at the UK Guardian. They’re just terribly upset and disappointed. They thought Obama was going to jump in here and save the day and now there are rumors that the UN is asking the delegates to stay on so they get something meaningful out of there. The UN is now denying that they’ve asked that.

So if we don’t pound Iran into submission at some point they are going to get the bomb, they’re bragging about it, they’ve told us, they’ve shunned the inspectors, and they laugh about it all. If Israel doesn’t attack ’em the world will be forever a hostage to an Islamic regime that could fire midrange and eventually long-range nuclear missiles when it chooses. Now, we know that Obama will not take effective military steps to stop Iran so if Israel doesn’t it will in fact become a nuclear regime. Obama will not do it because he doesn’t like the concept of victory, he’s uncomfortable with it, and he’d rather send letters to North Korea and to Tehran and have all kinds of meaningful dialogue. Economic sanctions in Iran will not work since the mullahs and ayatollahs are unaffected by it, they don’t care what happens to their people.

The ayatollahs and the mullahs will have all the physical comforts that they want, but — (interruption) is that him bowing again? I’m looking at a picture of Obama on Fox here. He’s either bowing to the ChiCom leader or a vase of flowers. I wonder if they’re from Pro Flowers. I wonder if these clowns ordered Pro Flowers from the Rush Pro Flowers website. Anyway, an internal revolution in Iran might have worked, but it’s highly, highly unlikely to work now with Obama as president, given his inhumane response to the uprising of a few months ago. So it’s a precarious situation. The Iranian nuclear possibility is the elephant in the room that nobody wants to deal with.


RUSH: Jumping back here to Iran and its apparently inevitable nuclear program, do you remember when nuclear war, nuclear proliferation was by far the most important, most frightening problem facing our world? Do you remember back in the late eighties, early nineties, Phil Donahue still had a show and I remember Laura Dern, the Hollywood actress, broke down in tears on the Donahue show when she was 18. (imitating Dern) ‘Do you know what it’s like, Phil, to get up every day and worry that somebody’s going to launch a nuclear bomb, do you know?’ Do you remember that? All the hysteria, the global peace marches for nuclear disarmament, all of that stuff. According to the media and the rest of the left, that was by far the most important, most frightening problem facing the world. And now, when we are finally facing a real threat from real lunatics, it’s being completely ignored! And instead, the new bugaboo is global warming, even though the worst thing that can be said about that is the world might go up a degree or two in a century or so. Global warming is the big panic! It used to be nuclear war, nuclear proliferation. Now nobody cares.

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