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RUSH: I saw something that I loved seeing today on the Democrat channel, and that would be PMSNBC. They have this guy, what’s his name, Dylan Ratigan? Dylan Ratigan is his name. I think they brought him over from CNBC, and this guy, he fits the mold. Roger Ailes told me that he has a factory that produces blondes out there at Bikini Atoll. These people at MSNBC must have a factory that produces empty-headed, knee-jerk liberals, because this Ratigan guy is one of them. He had on as his guest a Florida congresswoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She’s from down here in Boca Raton, and I think she’s fairly high up in Pelosi’s leadership organization. And Dylan Ratigan shut her down. I think he ran her off of the show.

She was on via satellite from Florida. I could tell by the background out there where she was, in front of some marina. And he asked her, ‘What do you think? Why are you doing this? Why are you all about to agree to mandating people buy insurance from insurance companies?’ And she wouldn’t answer the question. She went on Nancy Pelosi talking points and this guy was having none of it, and he started shouting at her, treated her like she was a Republican. And she was kind of shocked, because she’s a scrapper. I’ve seen Debbie Wasserman Schultz in action. She’s one of those women you’re happy somebody else married. And, I’ll tell you, she acted like she didn’t know — (interruption) Dawn, it’s a joke. Dawn is in there going, ‘Oh, no, why did he have to say that? He was so good today, why did he have to do that? At any rate, we’re working on getting the audio of that, ’cause I saw it, and I’m reading it on closed-caption. I did not listen to it but it looked to be pretty heated.


RUSH: Here’s the audio sound bite, two of them, Dylan Ratigan talking to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and it starts with this question: ‘Take a look at the insurance stocks since November 17th. WellPoint up 13%, that’s over a course of a few weeks, United Health up 10 percent, Aetna up 12%, Humana up 6%, those health insurance companies are up because being unreformed oligopoly, monopoly, it basically allows the taxpayer to take the hit to pay for the uninsured, but it doesn’t deal with the underlying symptom as to why there are so many uninsured, which is we have an unreformed private insurance monopoly in this country that is now being guaranteed more customers by the health care bill. Why is that a good thing for America, Congresswoman Schultz?

SCHULTZ: When this bill passes and becomes law, life in America for insurance companies is going to be, you know, very different than it is today.

RATIGAN: Apparently so. Apparently it’s worth again another 10% in their stock —

SCHULTZ: Come on, Dylan. Come on, Dylan.

RATIGAN: What do you mean — what do you mean, ‘Come on, Dylan?’ Are you telling me Wall Street is so stupid that they bid up the insurance stocks ten to 15% because they’re morons?

SCHULTZ: I’d love an opportunity to answer your question.

RATIGAN: Go nuts.

SCHULTZ: Because we are going to shift to a consumer-focused system.

RATIGAN: How is it a consumer-focused system —


RATIGAN: — for you to mandate by law that people buy health insurance —

SCHULTZ: Dylan, you’re not letting me answer.

RATIGAN: — without giving them more choices? How is that —

SCHULTZ: Dylan, if you’ll let me answer the question.

RATIGAN: If I can pass a law to force everybody to watch my TV show and not let them — have the government make it so you can’t change the channel? Dealing with health insurance.

SCHULTZ: There’s not much point in having me on if you’re not going to let me respond.

RATIGAN: I’m all ears, if you actually answer my question.

RUSH: So that’s just a little snippet of how that went. Now, notice also that here’s this guy on the Democrat channel, Dylan Ratigan, he is livid that the insurance company stock is going up. There are average Americans who own stock in all the these insurance companies, and this guy is ticked off like I’ve never heard anybody be ticked off and he’s treating Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is a harmless, defensive little woman like she is the most evil, rotten Republican this guy’s ever met. ‘Debbie, the insurance stocks are going up,’ blah, blah, blah. That’s something that just irritates the hell out of them, and he knows it because the health care bill is going to mandate people buy insurance from these private sector insurance companies. So Ratigan says, ‘I have a specific question. Why are those stocks up? I’ll tell you why those stocks are up, because stocks go up, they make more money in the future.’

SCHULTZ: You could be your own guest. Okay, Dylan. This is the most significant reform of the health care system in history. We are shifting the insurance companies — the focus on insurance companies —

RATIGAN: You’re not answering my question. You’re not answering my question. I don’t have the time for it. I don’t have the time for you to come do talking points —

SCHULTZ: And you should bring a stock analyst on your show.

RATIGAN: — if you want to do Democrat or Republican talking points, you should go on a show where you do Democrat or Republican talking points.


RATIGAN: Thank you so much. That’s it.

RUSH: He got rid of her. He sent her packing, back to the condo in Boca Raton. ‘You’re just coming over here with talking points!’ She’s all, ‘I don’t know anything about the stock market, if you want a stock market guy go get a stock market guy.’ Anyway, it’s just a great example of how these things are beginning to fall apart and how livid the left is about this.

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