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RUSH: Now, my friends, look at the polls. Look at the polls on the issues. Conservatism is not in the ascendancy. I got a Battleground poll today that illustrates 63% of the American people define themselves as conservative and they have for years and years and years. So it’s not that conservatism is in the ascendancy. When you look at the polls on the issues, conservatism has won the day. Well, we’re still ascending, but that’s not the way to describe what’s happening. The only issue is whether the public’s view can catch up now with the election cycle in November. That is whether the public will be able to make its views felt politically before more damage is done to the nation by this crowd. Howard Dean’s back on the warpath again and Axelrod had to apologize for calling a couple of people that the left nut kook-fringe base loves insane, he’s trying to walk that back. Howard Dean is out there. I tell you, Howard Dean is sounding more like me and Jim DeMint. I’m stunned by it.

Keith Olbermann has said he’ll go to jail rather than buy insurance if he has to buy it from a private sector insurance company. The left is just ticked as hell over this. Michael Moore is going to boycott Connecticut. Now, the last time one of these boycotts began — they always create more tourism. ‘Oh yeah, Michael Moore says we shouldn’t go? Well, screw you, Michael. We’re going. We never really had any plans to go to Connecticut, but since you don’t want us to go, we’re going to go.’ The best thing in the world for Connecticut has just happened. Michael Moore has announced a boycott. Boycott Michigan as well. But there’s only so much so large a man can do for his country at one time.

Now, the American people have had a huge helping of statism aggressively forced on them, and they don’t like it, and it shows up everywhere in the polls. They don’t like the debt. They don’t like the bullying. They really don’t like the arrogance. They do not like the regulations; they do not like the taxes; they do not like the favoritism. The American people love their country. The American people love their Constitution and their economic system. They do not want to lose it. You can see it everywhere you look in the polls today or go out and just talk to people. The American people like being number one. The American people love winning. They like being the number one economic power, the number one military power. We expect that. We are a nation that has pursued excellence from our founding. The people of this country do not like their president trying to diminish the country, the economy, and our sovereignty. They do not like this little guy whose career has amounted to nothing but words over about five minutes, running around the world and apologizing for the United States. The American people are a proud people. They do not like their president trashing them before international gatherings of dictators, mobsters, and leftists, which is what Copenhagen’s all about.

By the way, I have a quick question here. The buzzword from Obama to the British, everywhere, is green jobs, green technology, right? That’s the only way to go, that’s the future of the world, that’s how we save ourselves. Why in the world do we have to bribe these little Third World countries with a hundred billion dollars to do it? Well, because it’s the massive redistribution that has long been desired by the left, getting its toe in the water here with this $100 billion. The American people do not like their president trashing them at places like Copenhagen, down in Latin America, or wherever. Conservatism has won the day in terms of philosophy and policy, there’s no question about it. If the election were held today the Democrats would be thrown out of power and everybody knows it and that’s why there’s all this angst on the left. They are truly cracking up. The left feels like they have been sold out. You have to understand, and it’s not just the kook-fringe left, the mainstream left, which is plenty radical, despises industry. The insurance industry is reviled. You can try to slough this off on Harry Reid, but he’s not doing anything without Obama’s approval, imprimatur.

I’m going to tell you something. When you tell these radicals who hate capitalism, who hate American businesses, who hate industry, that they have to go buy something from industry, that’s bad enough, but when it comes to health care, which is sacrosanct, when you tell these nut cakes that they have to buy insurance or go to jail from the evil, wicked private insurance — why, you are talking revolt, and they’re not going to be able to tamp this down. And if they take it out and put the public option back in, they lose Lieberman. So they’re in a tizzy. The timing for them now is December 24th, the evening of Christmas Eve to vote on this. That alone ought to tell you what’s at stake here. To them, this is so desperate to get done before the calendar goes to 2010, it doesn’t matter what’s in it, it doesn’t matter who sees or reads the bill. So the Democrats and Obama are operating not out of the best interests or desires of the American people, they are operating out of raw power aimed at destroying what Americans love before the next election.

I have warned you people countless times. I know it’s tough to accept that the people of this country elected a man who would populate the government with these kinds of radicals but they did and he is the lead radical of all these people, and now there’s buyer’s remorse all over the place. Their purpose, Obama’s purpose, the left’s purpose is to create programs and conditions which they intend to be irreversible, regardless of the outcome of the next election. That’s why all the haste. That’s why health care, that’s why cap and tax, that’s why card check, all of these things. And, you know, Howard Dean, I forgot to mention one point about Howard Dean. Howard Dean is out there now telling Democrats — and we have been telling this, too, but the audience on the left has not cared about this. He’s now out there telling them: ‘Furthermore, do you know what? From the moment this bill is signed, you are going to have to buy health insurance from a private sector insurance company, but guess what? The benefits and the health spending are not going to start ’til 2014.’

Many people on the left don’t know that because the State-Controlled Media does not make that point. In any venue you will not see that element of this being made by the State-Run Media, so that comes as a shock. So Howard Dean’s on the warpath. Howard Dean is trying to take these people out. There is no question whatsoever in my mind about it. They want to create all these programs and conditions, which they intend to be irreversible regardless of the outcome of the next election. That’s why the haste. This is how destructive and dangerous these people have now become. It really is them against us, not because I say so, but because of what they are saying and what they are doing. This isn’t a standard run-of-the-mill day at the office. This is big.


RUSH: This is Steve, and welcome, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. Hello.

RUSH: Yeah, you’re welcome.

CALLER: I have a question about health care. I keep hearing you and others say that if they pass this, it’s going to be irreversible. Why? I mean these are our elected representatives, are they not? They make the laws, can’t they repeal the laws later on when they find out that it’s a bad idea?

RUSH: Of course they can, but can you name such an instance?

CALLER: (laughing) No. Well, the only thing I can think of is an analogy where policies that Reagan put in kind of reversed what damage was done during the Carter years, but I don’t know that, you know, you could really call those laws being repealed.

RUSH: Well, you can repeal the tax increases, you can cancel them. But the actual spending benefits and the entitlement aspect of health care which kick in in 2014, Prohibition is the only example of something being totally reversed and wiped out. It’s not that it can’t be, it’s just that it’s going to depend largely on the makeup of the House and Senate when the issue begins ’cause the president is going to veto this, an Obama-like president would veto any bill that rolls any of this back, and if you don’t have two-thirds majority in both houses to override it then it’s academic. There are parts of this that certainly could unravel. We’re fortunate in that it doesn’t kick in, the spending side, the restructuring of the insurance business and the health business until 2014. Once that starts, though, if nothing’s done to change it, rolling of it back, once it kicks in, at some point there’s not going to be a private sector insurance business or industry. At some of these things just don’t exist after health care really gets implemented. But, no, we’re going to do our best. That’s why I was talking yesterday about plan B. Break this thing down into a thousand parts, take ’em on each individually and wipe ’em out. That’s got to be one of the objectives of anybody running for office in 2010: repeal this! Kick it down the can!


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