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“In Copenhagen, it is a blizzard on loan from God-d, my friends. I always believe God has a sense of purpose and I always have believed that God has a sense of humor.”

“There’s no way anybody’s health insurance costs are going to go down when the government’s involved in any aspect of this.”

“I, frankly, think if more people really knew what the Democrat plan is, to cut $500 billion in Medicare — Whew! That alone would cause the senior citizens of this country to rise up.”

“Did Social Security reduce the budget deficit? Did Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, did they keep the country from going bankrupt, or are they contributing factors to the country nearing bankruptcy?”

“I think the White House is pretty happy with Dean doing what he’s doing, despite what they say. I think the media and the White House are in an effort here to make Obama look centrist and reasonable, when he is as leftist and irrational as Howard Dean is.”

“In the mix of all this talk about global warming and glaciers melting these people in Copenhagen are being blanketed with snow. Copenhagen surprisingly does not get a lot of snow, but they’re getting dumped on today.”

“If you want to bring down health care costs, Senator Sanders, get the hell out of the health care business once and for all, in toto.”
“Anybody who trusts Barack Obama and the Democrats does not want to know the truth. The economy is being held up by phony promises. It is a sham economy.”
“Do you know who got the biggest ovation yesterday at Copenhagen? It was Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez received thunderous applause when he ripped into capitalism.”
“We, the American people, have been lied to and cheated on like only Elin Nordegren could appreciate.”

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