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RUSH: The timing of this story from Reuters: ‘Nearly 20 percent of the US population — or almost 60 million — went without health insurance at some point since January 2008, according to government estimates…’ estimates! Nearly 20%, almost 60 million went without health insurance, according to government estimates released yesterday. ‘The analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention comes as Democratic senators wrestle to pass their version of health reform legislation before the end of the year to help make good on President Barack Obama’s top domestic goal of overhauling the nation’s $2.5 trillion healthcare system. Much of the focus so far has been on how to expand access to health insurance in a nation where coverage is closely tied to employment but 10 percent of the work force is unemployed. More than 45 million people are uninsured.’ Wait. Obama said in his joint speech to Congress it was 30%. My research has produced the fact that there are only 12 million people who want health insurance who don’t have to it, and now we’re at 45 million?

‘While the CDC’s findings largely backed that figure, they also found 58.4 million lacked coverage at some point in the year prior to the survey, while 31.9 million — or nearly 11 percent — did not have insurance for more than a year.’ What convenient timing. Later in the story, one bright spot in the report, ‘more children received health coverage largely through the government.’ How convenient. What an amazing bit of timing for Reuters to come out with this story today. More children received health coverage largely through the government. I wonder would that be the S-CHIP program where children are calculated to be children up to the age of 25.


RUSH: So the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, whatever the hell they’re called, say 60 million uninsured now. Who are they? Who were they? How many illegals? How many lost their jobs under the Democrats and lost health care as a result? What’s that statistic, CDC? How many people don’t have health insurance because of Barack Obama and Harry Reid and Pelosi and all the other Democrats and their economic policies? How many can afford health care but choose not to buy it right now? They talk about people unemployed. You notice they don’t talk about citizens unemployed. And as for these numbers anyway, we’re supposed to believe the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, about how many people go without insurance. When it was the CDC that couldn’t even predict how bad the swine flu would turn out to be. Who couldn’t give proper instructions on how to diagnose it. Who couldn’t even get the vaccine program working right. Could not even make it the proper strength, for crying out loud and that is their day job, not figuring who is and who isn’t insured. Who the hell are they?

Remember what I said earlier. I actually hate thinking this way. I despise it. But, damn it, it’s required because of who these people are. Just because the government announces some figure on anything, your first reaction has got to be from now on suspicion. The same bunch that couldn’t predict how bad the swine flu would turn out to be, the same bunch that couldn’t even make the vaccine at proper strength, is now telling us how many people didn’t have insurance. And getting vaccines right, telling people how to identify and diagnose the disease, that is their day job. What are they doing calculating the unemployed? When did they take over the job of the Labor Department? But the real big question is how many people are unemployed and thus lost their insurance because of Democrat policy, because of Barack Obama, because of Harry Reid?

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