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RUSH: Now, the conservative movement is the only thing that can stop what is occurring. And this is important to note. Our moderates, the people who tell us the era of Reagan is over, the people who tell us that we need to expand our outreach to get that group or this group, get the Hispanic vote or whatever it is, these people have no plan to fight any of this, and they don’t have any real plan to attract voters. They don’t even offer a positive alternative. We are it, folks.

We are the only answer to it, the people showing up at the protest in Washington today, this is the 15th, the Code Red thing, and we will be heard next November. And no one is going to stop us from being heard next November. There are no moderate Democrats left in the Senate. There are leftists and pretenders. And that needs to be put to bed once and for all. This notion for there are moderate Democrats in the House, moderate Democrats, if there are moderates, the people that run both places are going to get rid of them if they can. They don’t want moderates in their party. These are leftist radicals. We are the only ones that can stop them. We have to have a plan B in case this thing passes, and that plan must be to fight every single effort to increase taxes or expand the bureaucracy to accommodate this disaster. We need to find out whatever the rules of Congress are to fight them every step of the way. And if we can make significant gains in November, it will give us a much better chance to do it.Well you proceed on the assumption that Obama’s going to get something to sign, he’s going to be touting it in the State of the Union address. Keep in mind that all the benefits here, all the wondrous new access, all the cheaper health care, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, which is nothing but a hoax, that’s not going to start for four years, but the tax increases, wham, bam, thank you, ma’am, lickety-split in a Tiger Woods second, those tax increases are going to hit. That will be an opportunity to awaken people who still remain befuddled and fooled by this. It’s never over. Now, we don’t want to hold out at some great plan, specify what it is, but we need to keep the heat on now. This piece of legislation is actually thousands of little pieces amalgamated into one collective disaster. It needs to be broken down into those thousand little pieces and explained to people.

Now, I also think that this Medicare expansion was a ruse from the start. In negotiations, if you’ve ever been in any involving, say, your compensation or representing a company or something, you always, in preparing for negotiations, you put in what are called throwaways, things that you demand be included in the deal that you secretly will throw away or give away in order to get a final deal, and both sides do this. Except our side. We don’t do anything but accept the premise and needle with it around the margins. And I think that this Medicare expansion was a throwaway from the get-go. I don’t think they were ever serious about this, and I’ll tell you why. Simple logic. There’s no way in a bill that cuts Medicare $500 billion you can expand it to cover people down to 55 years of age. The two just don’t go together. So what they do, they raise the Medicare expansion as an issue at the last minute when Dingy Harry is having problems, and then they kill it a few days later on the desires of Lieberman.

This gives them cover to get Lieberman on their side, and then others say it’s now okay to vote for this, since they got rid of the Medicare expansion. As I say I think it was a ruse from day one, it was a strategy. You put out a false option, you have a Senator object to it, a Senator who is thought to be a moderate — Lieberman — with an independent party label instead of Democrat, and he says, ‘I can’t vote for this. Why, there’s no way I’m going to vote for that. I’m not going to vote for this with the public option in it, either.’ So you give in, you give in to Lieberman, you give in to the so-called moderates, you claim there’s no Medicare expansion and no public option and you get your 60 votes, and you look like you’re compromising, when you’re not compromising at all because you never intended the Medicare expansion to be real in the first place. It was just designed to get Lieberman in there and it looks like it works.

Now, I don’t pretend to know the ins and outs of how Congress works. But whatever works, nothing off the table, amendments, spending bills, gridlock, government shutdown if we have to. It’s that serious. This will destroy the US private sector. This will destroy the opportunity for individuals to amass wealth because of the taxes and because of the regulation on behavior. Every aspect of human life will be regulated by the federal government under the pretense that they’re saving money and costs on health care. The more confrontational — I’m talking about our plan B strategery here — the more confrontational it becomes, including shutting down the government for some period of time, over government-run health care, all the better. The more confrontational, the better. It crystallizes it for us. And they are forced to keep defending a bill that the public hates. The tendency is going to be to just throw in the towel and give in if Obama signs something. No, no, no. Plan B, we don’t give up, we’re trying to save America for our kids and grandkids, are we not? We want them to have the same opportunities that we had. We want them to live in freedom. We want them to continue to be able to make this the greatest country on earth.

If we have to shut down the government, which is in the process of destroying the private sector of this country, it’s damn well worth it. It’s damn well worth the confrontation. It’s damn well worth the crystallization of issues here. Now, as for whether our side, as currently constituted, is strong enough (this is why we need a big election in November, an election based on reversing government-run health care.) I hear people say, and I’ve even said it myself that I know of no entitlement that’s been stricken, I know of no entitlement that’s been rolled back out of existence. But there’s always a first time. The strategy, nationalize every House race in 2010, nationalize every Senate race in 2010, just as those elections were nationalized in 1994. And by nationalize them, I mean very simply, most House elections are local. You’ve heard the old phrase, Tip O’Neill said it: ‘All politics is local,’ meaning the congressman or congresswoman will be elected or reelected based on how much bacon they bring home to the district.

So if they get a new hospital built, if they get a new federal courthouse built, if they get an old folks house built, if they get a bridge built or whatever, they run around and they tout that, ‘Look what I did for you, look what I brought back to the district. I secured blah, blah, blah.’ I’ll tell you a little story. I’m going to get smacked down if I do this. Nope, I’m going to tell it. What the hell. This is important. Brand-new federal courthouse Cape Girardeau, Missouri, named after my grandfather. We go in for the dedication of the building and the grand opening. And my cousin Steve is the federal judge working out of this brand-new building. It’s a tremendous honor for our family. This doesn’t happen much, a federal building named after a citizen, prominent citizen but local nevertheless in a town of 30,000 people.

So we’re gathered there — and I’ve shared my thoughts with my family on this. It was just instructive to me — we’re gathered at the dedication, and a lot of people from the government who got the building built, what’s the federal agency? Maybe it’s good that I can’t remember it. I don’t remember the agency. But it’s the agency that the money is authorized from and the budget, and then they allocate which projects will be funded and which won’t, and this one got funded. Folks, if my memory is correct, 75% of the dedication was one government official after another coming up praising himself and his colleagues and their government agency for the hard work they put in getting the building built. And I thought the dedication was going to be about my grandfather. It was these people. And, look, it’s their job and they were all nice. We had dinner with them. I sat and talked to them. They’re proud of what they did. But the vast majority of it was the government basically patting itself on the back, ‘Look what we did for you.’

That’s how local House races are conducted. The candidate comes back and says, ‘Look what I did for you.’ These elections in November have to be nationalized. And the way they were nationalized in 1994, Contract with America, was, ‘Look at what your Democrat member of the House of Representatives is gonna mean to national security. Look at what your member is going to mean to corruption and scandal: House bank, House post office. Look at what your Democrat member of Congress is going to mean to deficit spending out of control. Look at what your member of Congress is gonna mean to the destruction of the American culture. This man, this woman supports gay marriage, or whatever cultural issue, condoms in schools,’ whatever it is, tell that about them. Position these people as nationwide leftist radicals with their impact not just in the district but throughout the country. That worked magic in 1994. That’s part of the strategery next November. That’s going to have to be done.

I don’t know if they do a new Contract with America, but I think one of the elements that the Republicans could run on is this out-of-control spending, whether it’s health care, cap and trade, or any other Obama agenda item, the simple fact of the matter is, everybody knows, enough people know that this administration and the Democrat Party are spending the income of kids and grandkids not yet born. They know that we are bankrupt. They know that the ChiComs are propping us up by buying our debt. They know the precarious position we are in. Every family knows what debt means. Being in debt is the single greatest threat to freedom you can have. If you’re in debt your choices are really limited. You have obligations that you have to take care of first. It’s no different for a nation; it’s no different for a country.

And so nationalizing these races on the irresponsible, out-of-control spending and then identifying what the spending is for, what its real purpose is, is to keep Democrats in power in perpetuity, that this spending is creating wards of the state, that it is creating people who will be forever dependent on Democrats for their breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and other essentials, and that’s the purpose. That is not compassion, that Democrat spending and Democrat politics are destroying individual initiative, destroying the concept of self-worth, on purpose. All of this must be part of the strategy. Now, I’m way long here. The next segment’s going to be way short. But it was worth not interrupting this monologue.


RUSH: As for whether our side is strong enough, folks, to pull this off, this is why we need a big election — and the people that we elect need to have backbone, spine. No more RINOs. No more reaching out to moderates. No more excuses for who we are. No more running around apologizing for our party. We don’t need to act like Barack Obama, apologizing for America around the world. We have too many people in our party run around apologize for us. ‘Well, uh, yes, we have been racist in the past and we’ve been on the wrong side of certain things. ‘Will not balance the budget on the backs of the poor,” all that rotgut. No more! This moderate Republican crap is why we are where we are. There aren’t any moderate Democrats, and the independents are fleeing them in droves. Imagine how many more independents would flee if they actually were leaving because they supported something rather than opposing Obama!

They’re fleeing in droves ’cause they have learned, and they don’t like what they’re seeing, they’re going to the Republicans because it’s the next stop. Imagine if there were a national political leader articulating the philosophies of the founding of this country and how that’s what we represent — talking about freedom, individual liberty, rolling back this spending, rolling back the tax increases, rolling back this hoax that we’re ‘fixing’ health care. You know, we could set up a charity! We could set up a charitable foundation, and everybody on their income tax form could simply say, ‘Yep. I’ll check the box here and put a dollar into the insurance plan for people who don’t have insurance.’ One dollar! How many taxpayers do we have? We could do this for $30 billion a year. That’s what it would take to insure the genuine 12 million who are uninsured who want health insurance. It’s not 30 million. The number of people who really want insurance but don’t have it and can’t get it, is 12 million. If you do that — we’ve run the numbers — you could do it for $30 billion a year. You think we could raise $30 billion with a one-dollar check-off on an income tax return? We’re a charitable people. We don’t need 2,000 pages and over $2.5 trillion in order to fix something that we’re not fixing. We’re making it worse. An election based on strengthening the private sector, creating jobs and opportunities, creating wealth. An election based on returning to all of us becoming Americans, in America again.


RUSH: somebody called in and asked if parts of the health care bill could be repealed. Because everybody’s asking this, ‘Can we roll it back?’ And whoever answered the question from Heritage on the teletown hall meeting said that, yeah, if we win some control of Congress in 2010, that there are ways to get parts of the health care bill repealed. Now, I don’t know. Like, I’m not a political strategerist.

All I know is these elections have gotta be nationalized in November. They’ve gotta be big, and they have gotta be focused on reversing government-run health care, reversing cap and trade, blocking the Obama leftist agenda. Protecting the dollar (the currency), stopping the hemorrhaging of the debt. It needs to be focused on the spending. Elections have consequences. They really do. We need an election that’s based on strengthening the private sector, creating jobs and opportunities there, creating wealth, empowering the individual, protecting the family, protecting future generations. Liberty versus tyranny is the message. It needs to be oriented around liberty and freedom: Restoring America to its greatness, protecting it, saving it. Believe me, that would resonate. I don’t know if you want to have a campaign based on like one word, ‘reverse’ or ‘repeal.’

If you go out and say ‘Repeal!’ — if that’s our one word slogan, repeal, meaning repeal health care, or parts of it — it might become an easy target for those who want to just characterize the Republican campaign as one of negativity and opposition and so forth. That’s why it has to be positive; and it has to be unabashedly, unafraid positive and bullish on America. Too many of us have let political correctness silence us in speaking of things about which we’re proud. America, in the multicultural curricula in schools — America as talked about by Barack Obama — is an America of guilt. An American that’s guilty of racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, discrimination, imperialism, colonialism. It’s gotten to the point where some people are actually afraid to say great things about their country because they are afraid they’re going to be attacked by their friends and others who don’t agree with it. There’s no time to be afraid. There’s no time to wallow in political correctness.

This strategy, this plan B if health care passes, has got to be implemented — and its scope must be national in terms of local, House, and Senate races. I’m going to tell you something else. Folks, I do not believe that Obama is as popular or as liked as everybody says. I think it’s all part of the hoax. It’s all part of the myth. But the key for the Republican Party down the road is no more RINOs, no more moderates, no more Republicans-In-Name-Only. They are killing us. They are why we’re where we are. We could blow the most important election cycle in decades if we win these races but have more of the same kind of leadership, a leadership typified by our presidential campaign. Reaching across the aisle, showing the country that we are not all these horrible things said about us. There are no moderates in the Democrat Party. There aren’t any! I don’t see the independents running to them. Democrats make it out like they’re moderates but they’re not. Whatever moderates, meaning the Blue Dogs, do exist, believe me: The Democrats are gonna target them for destruction more than we are. Nancy Pelosi cares more about defeating them than we do! She doesn’t like them around. They get in her way.

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