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RUSH: Snerdley reminded me of something that I saw on TV today, and it was a flash glance. I looked up in the midst here of show prep. It was either Fox or MSNBC had a graphic up there, and I’m not sure what the question was, but it was something about: If you are planning on switching parties, to which party would you switch? I mean, it couldn’t have been that because the Democrat Party was at the top, and that just doesn’t jibe with any of the generic ballot polling or whatever. The point of it was that whatever the question was, more people in this poll found favor with a third-party called a Tea Party than with the Republican Party. I warned you people about this months ago — and, by the way, the reporting on this was how wonderful the Tea Party is. I want to warn you again: If you start seeing news coverage along the lines of the Tea Party becoming a third party not just a protest group, you are going to all of a sudden see a reversal in the way it is covered.

The State-Controlled Media will be praising members of the Tea Party as great patriots. They’ll do anything to destroy the Republican Party. They know that going third party Tea Party — and one question I did see was… (sigh) Damn it, I wish I could remember this — but it had to do with projecting total dissatisfaction with the Republican Party. They were last on the list of people’s preference for whatever the question was. So the point is, just keep a sharp eye in State-Controlled Media. If you start seeing a total reversal — Tea Party people portrayed as wonderful patriots, concerned Americans; rather than the malcontent, racist, sexist, bigot, homophobes that you’ve always been portrayed as since last August — then you will understand what’s going on. The media, in conjunction with the White House, will be pushing the notion of a third-party that takes votes away from the Republican Party more than the Democrat Party.

I think that’s what it was. I think that’s what it was. If a third-party formed for the Tea Party, more people would leave the Republican Party for it than would leave the Democrat Party for it, which is why whoever was reporting this was ecstatically excited. So if you see this, this is how you will know it’s a bad idea for us. If they start praising the Tea Party in the context of it becoming a third party, you will know.


RUSH: By the way, folks, in this third party business let me remind you of something. The Democrats have a third party. Do you know what it’s called? The Green Party. It’s Ralph Nader’s party. They had a third party. Do you ever see them promoting it? Do you ever see the Drive-By Media or anybody else supporting the expansion of the Green Party? They never promote it in this country, which just goes to show you what they’re doing when they promote a third party (i.e, Tea Party) in the Republican side of things.

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