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“Obama may want to give himself a B-plus. I’m going to give myself a triple A-plus.”

“The media is just a bunch of groupies. They’ll repeat whatever the people they suck up to want, be it in news, politics, sports, or finance.”

“If you want to understand Barack Obama’s career, it’s words. That’s his career. Words.”

“Folks, it’s just common sense to me. How in the world can you have a set of global warming statistics and numbers if you do not provide people the original data on which everything is based?”

“When you believe in nothing, you’ll fall for everything. And that explains Democrats.”

“The banks are just another source of a slush fund for Obama. That’s why he wants to run them.”

“I think the liberals are beginning to see the writing on the wall with health care, because they know if it fails to pass the Senate this year, then there’s going to be all kinds of fingers being pointed at Democrats, by Democrats, to explain why it failed.”

“I’m by no means saying it’s time to celebrate here by any stretch of the imagination, but liberalism and socialism are unraveling all over the place.”

“Reid doesn’t have 60 votes. Lieberman is officially out. McCaskill says that she won’t vote for this if it spends more money. The civil war is in the Democrat Party, and it’s over health care.”

“When Obama is in front of his buddies, the people he trusts, he tells them exactly what his plan is and what his hopes are.”

“Medicare is going broke, and just a year ago people were talking about raising the eligibility age in order to save money. Now Obama and others are talking about lowering it to 55.”

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