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RUSH: Now, folks, I have to apologize for something here today. I normally wouldn’t do this because everyone has bad days, but I’m sitting here, I mentioned to you last Thursday or Friday, and I seldom mention these kind of things either but I have to because it’s affecting me. I have this really excruciating pain because of a bulging disc, pinched nerve, whatever, in my cervical spine and it’s driving me nuts. And as you know, I can take no pain medication. So it’s literally driving me nuts. I’m stuttering on some words today, or mispronouncing a couple. I’m just distracted by it. I’ve done part of the show standing up today because sitting makes it worse. It’s just difficult to concentrate on this. So I haven’t sounded my broadcast excellence professional best. One of the things I’m doing, you know, HoMedics is a sponsor and they’ve got this great neck massager and no massage can fix this, the only thing that can fix this is surgery which I’m not going to do because to reach the problem they have to go through the larynx and they said, ‘Well, there’s only a 2% chance that anything would go wrong.’ I can’t take the 2% chance because the larynx, the voice box, is my career and business.

This thing comes and goes. This is the worst it’s been in five years and I’ve done doctors and all that sort of stuff. It’s just one of these things that has to work itself. But the HoMedics neck massager, when I use that it is temporary relief at the time it’s working, it’s really been helpful. I want to thank those people too because they sent me one and I paid for it because I don’t accept freebies. But I did want to apologize to you because I just sit here getting mad at myself for stuttering at all these words and it’s just because I’m a little bit distracted and cannot concentrate fully.

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