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“The Nobel Peace Prize is a tribute to false promise. Barack Obama is an ideal recipient, as was Algore.”

“There is a genuine panic. You wouldn’t know about it if all you did is pay attention to the State-Controlled Media, but there is genuine panic out there in the Democrat Party.”

“There are many, many purposes of this bill before you ever get to health or health insurance or treatment. A, it is a tax bill, t-a-x. Part of that subset of A is the redistribution of wealth. And that leads to B, which is the effort to prevent the acquisition of wealth.”

“The Democrats still love Obama. He’s still a huge hero to the Democrats, but when it comes to independents and even some of the Republicans who voted for him, he’s lost ’em and continues to lose ’em in droves.”

“I don’t fall in the PC trap that every opinion has validity. It doesn’t. Opinions which are wrong are worthless.”

“Obama said, ‘No matter how justified, war promises human tragedy.’ Not fighting just wars promises human tragedy, folks. For reference, check American history. I would think an African-American would appreciate that more than anyone. This was the first country in the history of the world to go to war with itself to end slavery.”

“For a country like the United States, that’s why wars are fought, to liberate people.”

“The aggressor always sets the rules in a world governed by the aggressive use of force. Not awards, peace prizes, conferences, global warming seminars, doctors, nurses, clean water, whatever the hell else.”

“What the Democrats in the House and Senate are doing, r-e, health care, is guaranteeing a revolt.”

“Nothing could be more divisive and destructive to the US than simultaneously imposing government-run health care and mandating we pay for all abortions.”

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