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RUSH: Actually, I’m glad it happened. I am glad that that happened over there. I was just watching an unbelievable sight. President and Mrs. Obama on the balcony of their hotel room in Oslo, it’s nighttime over there, and there is a torchlight parade reception, and the street is just filled, it’s teeming with people, with their candles and torches, with the Obamas standing high above and looking down upon them, President Obama in his tuxedo, and I kid you not, Michelle (My Belle) looked like she was dressed in a way to make people think she was royalty, a queen. Make no mistake about it, it was on purpose. But the reason I’m glad it happened, cause, you know, Snerdley is saying, ‘Gosh, they just have to be eating this up, they just have to love this, they think of themselves as royalty.’ That’s right. Let ’em think of that. Let them stay so out of touch with how they are perceived by people in this country. Let ’em go over there, get all these accolades and let them continue to live in the Universe of Lies. I think it’s much better than if he went over there and got booed out of the place. Give that another year and that will happen. This is good. This is good that it happened because it allows them to continue to live this delusion that they are special, unlike any others who have come before them.


RUSH: This morning during the intense period of show prep that I do each and every day, I began to feel that we’re living in occupied territory, that we’ve been taken over, not militarily — follow me on this — we’ve been taken over financially, economically, politically, scientifically. Without firing a shot the left has seized the press, they have taken control of the banks, they’re about to take control of the insurance companies and wipe them out, much of the auto industry, the left is now setting a salary scale for people. They’ve taken over our currency, and they’re preparing to seize health care. We’re being occupied by the left. This country, we need to be liberated. We, the people of this country need to be liberated. We are oppressed now.

You know, Snerdley told me just a moment ago he was watching A&E, and it was a series on the Revolutionary War. And this is what he said to me. He said the things that our Founding Fathers considered tyranny wouldn’t rate a quarter page in a newspaper today, that the tyranny that we live under in this country already dwarfs the kind of tyranny that caused this country to be founded or inspired it to be founded in the first place. Now, the left, I look at them as the occupiers, they have labeled the word ‘dissent’ as racism. ‘Dissent’ is now racism, to try to quash any dissent whatsoever. Protest has been labeled teabagging. So, in addition, without firing a shot, being taken over financially, economically, politically, and scientifically, the language is being reset. Individual wealth is set to be taxed away. Schools are teaching the words of the left, the occupier. And we’re given bread and circus distractions: Tiger Woods, the White House party crashers, to keep us entertained while the occupation goes on.

But sometimes occupation schemes break down. And when that happens, the occupier has to do what all occupiers do, and that’s restore order. And I’ll tell you this, this health care bill, the people in Washington do not understand, and the polls will not tell them of the intensity here. And of course the State-Controlled Media doesn’t get it, either. People do not understand the outrage that is effervescing all over this country for everything Democrat Party and Obama that’s going on right now, and it’s going to have a tipping point. That’s why like Obama over there with all these people in Oslo and their torchlight vigil and him acting like royalty and he’s the savior of the world, let him go ahead and live that delusion and ignore the reality that he faces when he comes home.

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