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RUSH: It’s a blizzard out there, ladies and gentlemen. It is a blizzard, Snowstorm Algore. Global Warming Snowstorm Algore, the first named global-warming-caused snowstorm of the winter season even though it’s not winter yet, is moving through the Great Lakes, disrupting commerce, costing millions of dollars in lost productivity. We got blowhard wind conditions that are being felt throughout Iowa and the Ohio valley. Snowstorm Algore’s jet in the upper atmosphere is approaching speeds of 200 miles an hour, the jet stream up there, which we trust being offset somewhere.

And here’s another take on it. Des Moines, Iowa, this is from MSNBC: ‘In a scene stretching from the Upper Midwest through New England on Wednesday, a broad storm front forced the cancellations of hundreds of flights, the delays of hundreds more, while roads fared little better, with whiteout conditions and 50 mph wind gusts slowing or stopping traffic.’ It is global warming, Snowstorm Algore, the first named global-warming-caused snowstorm of the winter season. I figure, folks, why stop at naming hurricanes, which are global warming inspired. We’re going to name all these winter storms, too, and eventually we’ll get to Snowstorm Obama or Snowstorm Barack, or both. Snowstorm Bamster. They’re all over the place.


RUSH: Global Warming Blizzard Algore is worsening, ladies and gentlemen. We are going to name all winter storms in honor of global warming hoaxers this winter, and the first named storm is Global Warming Blizzard Algore. Snow removal trucks have been told to stand down now due to huge snowdrifts on the roads. Thousands of people are trapped in a huge winter blizzard two weeks before winter officially arrives during the week the Copenhagen hoaxers gather to try to do something about global warming.

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