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RUSH: Now, a question, a quick question. On a scale of the House banking scandal to Watergate, where are we? Are we in that range with what’s going on here? I’m serious. I’m asking you to think about this. The House bank scandal, you remember that, that’s 1989 we learned that members of the House could write checks for cash on money they did not have in their accounts. In other words, it really didn’t matter what their salary was. They were able to write bad checks, get the cash for it and spend it however they wanted and never had to pay it back. And then the House post office was a close second. You go in with a constituent’s check for say $5,000 and buy a couple 40-cent stamps or whatever they cost then and take the change in cash. The stuff was uncovered and that was part of the recipe of the Democrat defeat for the first time in 40 years. So if the House banking scandal was DEFCON 2, with the American electorate, and Watergate was DEFCON 1, are we in that range here? We have today the Mark Penn story where stimulus money was designed to create roads, bridges, schools, jobs, for you and everybody else, six million of it went to Hillary Clinton’s pollster because Obama had promised to pay off her debt.

We’ve had news this week of the safe school czar, and last week, too. This guy is a raging pervert who taught fisting — and if you don’t know what it is, I’m not going to describe it — to grade school and junior high school students back in the year 2000. We have ClimateGate, a total hoax. We are destroying the doctor-patient relationship; we are destroying private insurance; we have massive tax increases on every American coming with Obamacare and cap and tax. We have the government taking over car companies. We have unemployment that’s anywhere from 10 to 17%, generational theft has taken place here, hundreds of billions of dollars were allocated by Congress for the express purposes of creating slush funds for Obama and the Democrats. We have a phony swine flu virus national emergency.

Get this from yesterday. This is from the Fox News blog: ‘The theoretical worst case scenarios associated with this year’s H1N1 pandemic taught us not to take influenza for granted. However, a new study suggests the worst case scenario for H1N1 may be only slightly more deadly than a typical outbreak of seasonal flu — and, in a best case scenario, much less.’ The bottom line of the study is the swine flu was much less severe than feared. A companion story here from the medical editor of something: ‘Four out of five people who called the swine flu line for Tamiflu did not actually have the disease.’ A bogus scandal! A bogus pandemic! You combine this with the UK story and we can see what’s happened here, a manufactured, phony crisis. Hoax and change. The media loved this BS story, but you were a problem. I was a problem, actually. I wasn’t going to get a vaccine for a phony emergency, and I told Kathleen Sebelius to stuff it publicly on this program. Kathleen Sebelius showing us how to sneeze on our arms so that we wouldn’t destroy all of human life before global warming got us. We are the targets of lies, damn lies and science and scientists are rapidly becoming as trustworthy as politicians.

So where are we here? Mark Penn’s story, the safe school czar, ClimateGate, doctor-patient relationship destroyed, private insurance on the way to being destroyed, massive tax increases on everybody, taking over the car companies, 17% unemployment, generational theft, slush funds, phony swine flu virus, apologizing around the world for our country that is a beacon of hope, the land of the free, the Home of the Brave. Where are we? Are we approaching genuine outrage in this country? I don’t know. I seem to sense that we are. I think some of these polls that have his approval number way up there at 46, 47, I don’t think it’s that high. I actually don’t.

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