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RUSH: By the way, Mr. Snerdley, all week long — Monday, Tuesday, all week long — Snerdley has been baiting me to make comments about a certain aspect of the Tiger Woods scandal, and I said I’m not going to do it ’cause I know that everybody in the media is out there waiting for me to do it. They want to make comments, too, but they want me to lead the way. They want me to make the comments and then they can jump in and then rip me to shreds for making the comments. So yesterday I played a couple sound bites from the Reverend Jackson in which he clearly stated that the black frame of mind is not good, that they’re very disappointed, all this high unemployment in the minority community, it’s not what they expected, and they want something done about it — meaning, they want some payoffs. And I threw in a little line, I said (paraphrase), ‘I’m sure that the kind of women that Tiger’s having affairs with is not helping, either.’ That whole thing was taken out of context and a major story appeared in the New York Daily News today, funneled by people at Media Matters. This is exactly — Snerdley, that one line has been turned into a 750-word story! Do I know these people or do I know these people? That’s why I refused to do it. Now we’ve got audio sound bites of that being discussed on MSNBC this morning. I kid you not.


RUSH: Now, Snerdley is asking me to play the sound bite on this Tiger Woods stuff. The setup is what I said yesterday, after playing two sound bites from the Reverend Jackson in which the Reverend Jackson talked about how angry the frame of mind is in the minority community over President Obama.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I’ll tell you what’s going on here with this, the Reverend Jackson — and I got two more stories in the stack today about how black unemployment is through the roof, black unemployment is terrible, the black frame of mind is terrible —

RUSH: Stop it right there and I want you to recue it. I was talking about these stories, these two stories in the stack that say and discuss and report on black unemployment through the roof, black unemployment is terrible, black frame of mind is terrible. The Media Matters guys take that out of context, report it to the media that I’m saying the black frame of mind is terrible. They’re claiming I said that, when I was simply reporting two stories that State-Controlled Media ran. And this is how this stuff works. They take that quote out of context, and a couple other things I’ve said about Tiger, and they turn it into a full-fledged story. I knew they were sitting around waiting to do this. And, of course, it worked because they’ve got some media people now thinking I alone said the black frame of mind is terrible but I was simply reporting two news stories. Here it is again from the top and then we’ll give you the media montage reaction that we have.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I’ll tell you what’s going on here with this, the Reverend Jackson — and I got two more stories in the stack today about how black unemployment is through the roof, black unemployment is terrible, the black frame of mind is terrible, they’re depressed, they’re down, Obama is not doing anything for them. How is that hoax and change working for you? They’re all livid. I mean they thought they were going to get an exact 180-degree economic reversal, and it’s done nothing but get bad for everybody. But they’re especially upset about it because they look at him as one of them and now they feel abandoned. And I’m sure Tiger Woods’ choice of females is not helping them out with their attitudes there, either. Folks, about that, I got a great piece to share with you from Lisa Schiffren at the AmericanThinker.com on the parallels between Tiger Woods and Barack Obama. The theme is that both are the result of lies, falsely crafted images that are in no way representative of who they really are.

RUSH: All right, so that’s the sum total, I’m talking about two news stories that report on the demoralized attitude in the black community, the anger of the Reverend Jackson in two sound bites over record high unemployment, and the media has been featuring a lot of stories recently with the Congressional Black Caucus upset with Obama. So it’s well documented. I’m not saying it in any way, shape, manner, or form on my own. I’m just reporting it and then I threw in the little joke there about Tiger. So now we go to Scarborough’s show this morning on MSNBC, with Mika Brzezinski, Mike Barnicle, Tina Brown of The Daily Beast, and CNBC’s Donny Deutsch, cohost Willie Geist, and here’s this discussion about Tiger.

BROWN: You know something? Tracy Quan, who is a former call girl, who is one of the Daily Beast’s, you know, very well regarded contributors, she wrote a very good piece saying his big mistake was that he should have just paid for this fair and clean. I know this is a terrible thing to say, but maybe this is a big mistake, this kind of — you know, the pancake tossers and — and — and, you know, so forth and not promote —

GEIST: You’re saying pay for sex, says Tina Brown. Is that the bottom line?

BROWN: Oh. I’m simply saying —

BARNICLE: You pay for it one way or another.

DEUTSCH: I’d love to salute Rush Limbaugh on the show, and he had a — he had a great piece yesterday when he talked about that blacks in America are depressed now because he’s been choosing white women to have affairs with and there are no black women.


BRZEZINSKI: We have a very angry piece tonight — (crosstalk) What I’m going to do is take —

RUSH: Now, what’s funny about this is that those stories have been out there in the Associated Press, quoting black women. I mean there have been numerous stories, and that’s what Snerdley has wanted me to comment on. I said, ‘I’m not talking about it because they’re all waiting for me to, and so I threw that one little line: ‘and I’m sure Tiger Woods’ choice of females is not helping.’ Bam! (laughing) I am now responsible for saying what the AP has reported a lot of black women saying, and I have not even mentioned it until now, after the fact, just to prove a point.


RUSH: Here’s a headline every parent wants to see about their daughter. ‘Tiger Woods Alleged Mistress Rachel Uchitel: ‘I’m not a whore.” There it is, folks, right there. It’s from Fox 411, posted by Fox 411. It’s actually OK magazine, she did an interview with OK magazine. You ever read OK magazine? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it. Anyway, said she was unfairly labeled a villain in the scandal, as new alleged Woods mistresses, from porn stars to pancake waitresses — stop and think of that, from porn to pancakes. Pretty much covers the spectrum. As these babes continue to surface, nightclub promoter Rachel Uchitel is trying to set herself apart. ‘In every story you need a villain and a hero,’ Uchitel said, ‘I’ve been characterized as a villain. People have called me home wrecker, gold digger, tramp, whore. I make mistakes, but I’m not those things. I have very good qualities. When you’re judged by the nation, it’s really difficult. It’s horrible.’ Oh, Rachel, Rachel, Rachel. I guess she didn’t know he was married. Well, how can she say I’m not a home wrecker, I’m not a gold digger, I’m not a tramp, I’m not a whore, I’m not any of those things. I guess you would have to say that she didn’t know Tiger was married.


RUSH: It’s amazing to me how the State-Controlled Media is totally absorbed in the Tiger Woods story, but they had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the John Edwards story. Remember that? Could we say that the media is racist on this? We could! I mean, using their own definitions. The latest on the Tiger story is, and I frankly — I don’t know what to believe and what not to believe. I mean — there’s just — we’re up now to 11 babes. We’ve gone from porn to pancakes with the occupations. We have Gatorade announcing yesterday that it’s dropping its Tiger Woods sports drink, Gatorade [Tiger] Focus, and they said (paraphrase), ‘No, this has nothing to do with the scandal, we had made this decision a long time ago. Just the timing just happens to be coincidental.’ That got me to thinking. I was flash e-mailing, instant messaging, with some friends last night about all this. Why would you cancel a Tiger Woods Gatorade Focus drink? Forget the scandal — it must not be selling, right? I mean, even before the scandal. He also was a celebrity spokesman for Buick, but they didn’t renew. So he went out and got AT&T to put their logo on his bag, and then they wanted him to play in the AT&T Pro-Am. He said (paraphrase), ‘No, there’s too many people, I don’t like the six rounds, and I don’t like the Poppy Hills course, it’s a bad course’ — which everybody agrees with. So they got rid of the Poppy Hills course and replaced it with somebody else, and they repaired the field, so the rounds will be five hours now, and I don’t think Tiger was going to go.

I’m just going to stop right now because I don’t know what to believe about this. I really — with all that’s being said — for example, the latest story, and I think this is either TMZ or Radar Online, I forget which, is that Tiger and Elin are working really, really hard here to put it all back together, thinking of leaving the country, that she has recently purchased a mansion in Sweden and that they are thinking of going there to escape it. And then we have Rachel Uchitel who came in (paraphrase), ‘Look, I never made love with the guy, you know, I’m an arranger.’ You know, she handles the whales in Vegas. You know, the whales are these people that come in and willingly lose millions of dollars in the casinos every year, they’re housed in the, you know, top-of-the-line suites and villas at these hotels, and they have to be entertained and massaged. That’s what she claims she was — she’d handle the whales in Vegas, which I didn’t know that Tiger was a whale, that Tiger loses millions of dollars gambling. There’s all kinds of stuff here. But nevertheless, Gatorade, that aspect of it is true, they dropped their Tiger Woods drink. It was just coincidental. Had nothing to do with this, it was planned long time ago.


RUSH: So the way I read the way AP is handling this economic news, so last year, American home values lost $3.6 trillion, this year only $500 billion. So we’re improving. The way to look at it, then, would be if Tiger only has seven affairs next year, then he’s going a long way to put his marriage back together. Is that how the AP would report that? Speaking of which, folks, there is another woman. I think this puts us up to number 12, Sweden. ‘One of Sweden’s top female celebrities is claiming she was approached by an agent on behalf of Tiger Woods about having a fling with the star golfer. Carolina Gynning, who famously had sex in front of the cameras on the Big Brother reality television show before transitioning to a career as a TV presenter, was a staple on the London party scene at the time of the incident, which took place six or seven years ago, according to a post on Gynning’s blog.

‘She explains that she was at a party where she met a ‘really strange man’ who she assumed was gay and who proceeded to ask her out to lunch. ‘He wanted to tell me something special,’ Gynning wrote in the December 8th blog post. Gynning nevertheless accepted the invitation to dine at a private table at a ‘swanky’ London eatery where the man launched into what she found to be an unusual line of questioning. ‘He wondered if I knew who Tiger Woods was, and obviously I did. He said he was friends with Tiger and that Tiger loved girls like me.” What, girls that have sex on TV? (laughing) ‘At the time, Gynning was doing her best to portray herself as a stereotypical buxom Swedish blonde, complete with what she refers to as ‘gigantic silicon breasts’ and ‘bleached blonde’ hair. ‘He said that Tiger was LOOKING FOR A GIRLFRIEND and that he wanted to introduce me to him,’ Gynning continued in her post. ‘I never got back to the guy, obviously, even if Tiger is rich, he’s also ugly as sin and absolutely not my type.”

So I guess we can’t count her as number 12, she was approached but this thing never happened. ‘Gynning, who has since removed her breast implants and auctioned them off for charity…’ (laughing) You read right, you heard right. ‘… thought the whole exchange was ‘messed up’ and had since forgotten about the incident. But in the wake of recent revelations about Woods’ unspecified infidelities, Gynning now views the meeting in a different light. ‘Was that guy a pimp for Tiger?’ she asks.’ He could have just been some guy with a really original line, too. But regardless, there’s a legitimate question here. Some of these women have claimed to have tapes, voice mail tapes and texts and e-mails and so forth, but how many of these women are really part of this gravy train? It’s fascinating to watch.


RUSH: You know, I could be wrong, it’s doubtful, but I could be wrong. I’m beginning to think that Tiger Woods may be conservative and that some people know it. Well, I already gave you the John Edwards analogy, the media did everything they could — (interruption) what? Oh, no, no, I’m talking about politically, don’t give me morally conservative, I’m talking about politically conservative. Because, look, they had to be dragged kicking and screaming to cover the John Edwards mess, and there was a child in that one. And John Edwards’ wife had cancer. John Edwards’ wife was doing everything she could to support his life and his candidacy, he’s out there running around, and the National Enquirer had it, just as they had the Tiger story. But the Drive-Bys had nothing of any interest in the John Edwards story.

Compare the attention that the Drive-Bys are giving all of these alleged mistresses. Compare that to the way they treated Gennifer Flowers and the other bimbo eruptions during the first Clinton campaign. They made excuses for Clinton. They did stories on how it’s okay to lie, everybody does it. Gennifer Flowers was ignored, and then she was mocked, and then discredited. And she had tapes! They went out of their way to save Bill Clinton. Even when the Lewinsky thing hit they all joined forces and went out and tried to make Ken Starr out to be some sex pervert. That was a laugh, but anyway, now, with Tiger, all these alleged mistresses are believed, every word they say? The media’s digging deep to find out everything. Imagine if the media had acted this way with John Edwards and Bill Clinton back in their day. So maybe what I’m thinking here is that Tiger and his wife just go on 60 Minutes and deny that there were any affairs. Just deny it. It worked for Bill and Hillary. And then, before the next bimbo eruption, head down to some island and dance together and make sure the picture shows up on the front page of the Los Angeles Times so the people then talk about it. That’s how the Clintons got out of this.

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