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RUSH: So Copenhagen started yesterday. Remember the false, hoaxed, totally Photoshopped pictures of polar bears frolicking on little, small, ice cube type things that were said to be the remnants of melting glaciers, and they were just ice floes. And polar bears hang around on them all the time because they’re cold. It’s ice. Polar bears hang around ice. You put one in a zoo in New York in the summertime, and they have to put blocks of ice in there for the polar bears to lay on. So they put these pictures all around, Gore uses them in his movie, and little kids, ‘Oh, no, the polar bears are dying, they’re going to drown!’ Polar bears can swim 60 miles.

Reuters has done it again. I’m holding here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers: ‘Starving Polar Bears Turn to Cannibalism,’ on the second day of Copenhagen. It’s from the UK Telegraph, and there is a picture of a polar bear eating another polar bear. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. ‘New pictures show that polar bears are beginning to cannibalize each other as global warming destroys its hunting grounds. The images, taken in Hudson Bay, Canada, around 200 miles north of the town of Churchill, Manitoba, show a male polar bear carrying the bloodied head of a polar bear cub it has killed for food. Polar bears usually subsist on seals, which they hunt from a platform of sea ice. But the melting of sea ice as a result of rising global temperatures has made it more difficult for polar bears to hunt seals at sea.’ None of this is true. If you know anything about polar bears, and this whole article is based on a few photographs, and little kids are going to be scared to death seeing this, but if you know anything about polar bears, you know that there are any number of reasons why polar bears attack each other. Anybody who watches nature shows, nature shows are about what? Animals eating each other. I used to watch those things and say, ‘Where’s the animal rights crowd on this?’

I watched the Planet Earth show that BBC put together, Blu-ray, a lot of it is animals eating each other. The poor wildebeests seem to be targeted by everything that walks or crawls over in Africa. But did you know that polar bear males are well known for eating their young if given half a chance? They do. The mother, the female polar bear has to protect the cubs from the father and other males. Polar bears are a vicious species. They’re not this cuddly little old English sheepdog type thing. People go out on ice floes to study these things, and if they attack they have to shoot them. They’re not at all in any way tame, and they’re huge. They can rip you to shreds inside of five seconds, they wouldn’t care, and Reuters would run a picture and blame it all on global warming, not the fact that a polar bear is a polar bear. Polar bears eat their young, if given half the chance, males do. So another hoax, 100% total fraud on the second day of Copenhagen.


RUSH: By the way, a dead polar bear is a good thing, right? I mean no methane. No expelling gas. Right? Let me tell you something else about polar bears. And, by the way, this is true of brown bears, and even lions do this. The male polar bear will attack and kill the cubs of another, not his own, but another. The reason for this is to send the mother, the female, back into heat so that polar can do a Tiger Woods and get some and also father his own brood. It’s who they are, and it’s not just exclusive to polar bears. A lot of birds do this. I mean it’s really, really rough out there in the animal kingdom, very, very, very competitive. There’s nobody passing out welfare benefits there, except human beings who are excited about seeing these cuddly little things, so we feed them in zoos and so forth.

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