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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to say something to you here very important. I’m going to take a brief departure from the jobs summit focus of the program today. Something just struck me. Sometimes these things happen. Actually, this is related to the jobs summit because this is what lit the candle, firing the neurons in my exceptional and unique brain. I said, ‘We all have the blueprint for coming out of a recession: 1982. In fact, we could go back to Kennedy, John Kennedy, who preceded Reagan in making the case — the supply-side case — for income tax cuts to create economic growth in the private sector.’ Then I recounted the same situation occurring in the nineties after Clinton failed with health care and the Republicans won the Congress. And the idea hit me. I don’t know how these things happen — and then I flashed to, ‘Who are we targeting in health care?’ Old people. We’re rationing the care of old people.

We’re shutting down nursing homes. Why focus on the elderly? In political circles the elderly have been gold. They’re the ones that show up and vote. They’re the ones you cater to. But there are $500 billion in Medicare cuts for the elderly! Why do this? Then it hit me — and don’t doubt me on this. Leftists, Marxists, socialists — wherever they are — are leftists, Marxists, socialists. What’s the first thing Mao Tse-tung did? He took out the educated people. He took out people who had a cultural, historical memory of China’s past. He killed them, and Stalin did the same. He took out the people who remembered how things work. The left has been busy rewriting, revising the history of Reaganism and the eighties and tax cuts ever since it happened. They have been hell-bent on our population not knowing the truth, particularly the young population that was born during that period of time or ten years prior to it. They want them thinking the exact opposite of the truth, and they have to eliminate the people who know the truth to cement their power. Mao Tse-tung did it, Stalin did it. ‘Are you comparing Obama to those people?’ No. Not in terms of genocide. But they’re not invited to the summit. The people that know what to do to fix this are not invited to the summit, folks.


RUSH: You know, I’m reminded that I forgot to mention Pol Pot. Pol Pot wiped out, in Cambodia, an entire educated middle class. He didn’t consider them counterrevolutionary enough. They were the problem. These dictator types have to get rid of the people who know what has worked in the past, all the cultural and social goodness of a society, if you’re going to ruin it and take it over.

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