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RUSH: Okay, I’m looking for ways here to illustrate and dramatize the Porkulus, just how much money $800 billion really is. And, of course, we’re told we’ve got a couple hundred billion in TARP money that hasn’t been spent, so we’ve got basically a $1 Trillion slush fund for the executive branch, for Obama to use.

Now, even the liberals in Congress and even some in the State-Controlled Media were shocked when they learned that Mary Landrieu was bribed with $300 million for her ‘yes’ vote on Obamacare. But even that is chump change. The liberals have much, much street money to buy votes now. And that more than anything threatens our democracy. Look at it this way. The stimulus that did not stimulate has enough money in it to give $1 billion (billion with a B) to every Democrat Senator, every Democrat member of the House, every governor $1 billion each and not spend half the stimulus money. If you add TARP into it, maybe just a little over half. Now, we hear so much about the dangers of ‘money in politics.’ I have news for you. It’s not the five or $10 million a lobbyist tosses around. It’s the hundreds of billions the liberals use to buy votes, to buy influence.

They’re buying Congress, buying the auto industry, buying the banking industry, and soon the health care industry. The liberals are looting Fort Knox and hardly anybody seems to care. Well, I do, and I know you do, too. A lot of people on the left don’t care but the polling data indicates that Americans are getting fed up with this. Seventy one percent are very angry. Yeah, that was $300 million to Landrieu but she could have gotten a billion. And there are ways for Obama to give that money to these people. There are ways for that money to get to them, under supposedly and in supposedly official ways that can be used for reelection campaigns. This is their ace-in-the-hole against plummeting poll numbers.

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