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RUSH: Sally Quinn, ladies and gentlemen, was on Larry King Alive last night, and the way she described the crowd at the state dinner in the tent at the White House… Had I said it, what she said, I would be taken out of context and run out of this country.


RUSH: I really hope Sally Quinn does not have any desires of owning a National Football League team.

QUINN: There are also a lot of African-Americans on this guest list, which I have not seen that many before and I think that that obviously is a statement that they’re making. And then, you know, there’s a tip of the hat to Hollywood and Bollywood. I mean, the Indians have their own film industry. An awful lot of — of big donors, too.

RUSH: Now, can you imagine if I had said that? If I’m looking at the guest list and said this? And how does she know looking at the guest list? How does she know looking at the guest list? She’s profiling! She’s profiling by name. Because she said here, ‘A lot of African-Americans on this guest list. I’ve not seen that many before.’ I’m quoting Sally Quinn, Mr. Goodell. I didn’t say it.

Watch it show up now. (laughing)

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