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RUSH: I didn’t know this stuff was going on out there, I just was advised of it — and we’re going to treat you to it as you and I listen to it perhaps for the first time together, depending on whether or not you watch PMSNBC. The other day, I guess it was Monday, I opened this program by saying, ‘That might be the most expensive prostitute in the history of prostitutes,’ regarding the $300 million payoff from Dingy Harry to Mary Landrieu to get her vote to open debate on the health care bill. So on MSNBC during a discussion about Senator Mary Landrieu, the host over there, Dylan Ratigan, said this.

RATIGAN: In recent days bloggers, TV personalities alike have gone on the attack. Take a listen.

RUSH ARCHIVE: That may be, folks, that may be the most expensive prostitute in the history of prostitution.

RATIGAN: Well, Louisiana’s Democratic Party [is] not at all happy with those comments. Tuesday the group called on the Republican Senator David Vitter to publicly denounce those accusations.

RUSH: (laughing) To call on David Vitter! I have met David Vitter, Republican senator from Louisiana, and he is a great guy. They’re calling on David Vitter to denounce these comments. Later on in the same show, Dylan Ratigan talking with a Democrat strategist about Mary Landrieu.

KOFINIS: You’re right and you’re wrong. I mean, you’re right that I think that people have right to be, you know, frustrated and angry about what they see as kind of the dirtiness of the legislative process. And just, you know, just for a second, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, you know — How do I put it nicely? — are pigs for the comments they just made about Senator Landrieu. But I’ll put that aside for a second. So I understand, you know, there might be frustration about that. But then, you know, the reality is that sometimes you need to trade, and you need to make these deals in order to move legislation forward.

RUSH: What a sellout. That’s Chris Kofinis. He’s a Democrat strategerist. Jay Leno on his show last night actually, again, sided with me.

LENO: A lot of criticism over Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu trading her vote on health care for $300 million. Glenn Beck called her a high-class prostitute, Rush Limbaugh called her the most expensive prostitute in the history of prostitutes, and Eliot Spitzer called and asked for her phone number. (laughter)

RUSH: (laughing) Oh, folks, I wish you could share the joy with me and the fun in irritating these people as I do. It’s so much fun, it’s a delight and it’s really something I wish you could experience as well. Perhaps someday you will.

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