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RUSH: Do you want to hear Dick Durbin’s take on this during a press conference to talk about the possibility of bringing Guantanamo detainees to an Illinois prison? You know, folks, these guy in Chicago are talking about all the job creation here. All these new jobs will be created by bringing the Gitmo terrorists to Illinois! Here’s Dick ‘Turban.’

DURBIN: Eighteen hundred good-paying jobs with full benefit packages is a dream come true for many families in that part of the state. And then think of what those jobs lead to in terms of businesses, new schools, new hospitals, new libraries, new opportunities.
RUSH: Do you believe this? Bringing Gitmo terrorists to Thompson, Illinois, will be ‘a dream come true’ for the people there! Look at the jobs, with full benefit packages! (Gasp!) New schools, new hospitals, new libraries, new opportunities. So if I follow their logic on this, folks — and I do follow their logic — we need to import even more terrorists to create good jobs in America. That seems to be the only way Democrats can think of to create jobs is to put terrorists in jails in our own country. So what we need to do is go everywhere around the world where there are terrorists, wherever they’re being held, and bring ’em here! Start out there. Fill up this prison in Illinois then go somewhere else, and look at all the jobs that will be created. So it seems to me that if the Democrats really want to talk about job creation, they need to sell the idea of importing more terrorists to the United States and putting them in prison. Now, here’s Durbin. He was asked about the possibility of Chicago becoming a terrorist target.

DURBIN: Some of the criticism about this decision has crossed the line. Talking about actual buildings as targets in Chicago? Please. That doesn’t do us any good. Speculation on where the terrorists might strike next, does that really help us as a nation? I don’t think it does.

RUSH: (laughing) Okay! Then let’s shut down the CIA, let’s shut down every intelligence organization that’s trying to find out where the next attack is going to be ’cause that’s really not the United States. That doesn’t do us any good. ‘Speculation on where terrorists might strike next, does that really help us as a nation?’ Can you believe these guys are saying this stuff? It’s just the tallest building in the country is only going to be a hundred or so miles away from where these jihadists are being holed up, but forget all of that. It doesn’t do us any good as a nation? Please. ‘Actual buildings as targets in Chicago, speculation on where the terrorists might strike next? That doesn’t help us as a nation.’ We gotta bring terrorists in the country, job creation! And, no! Find out where the terrorists might hit? Do you believe these guys are actually saying this stuff? They are saying it. The State-Controlled Media is not reporting much of it, but we are.


RUSH: William in Myrtle Beach, Florida, great to have you here on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. It’s Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

RUSH: That’s what I thought when I looked at it. Yes, hi.

CALLER: I hope you’ll make this point a little bit more clear than I will. I’m sure you will, but I was thinking about what you said about Senator Durbin’s comments about new jobs, and I got to thinking, these are public sector jobs. Public sector jobs are, in a way, a form of redistribution of existing wealth, because they don’t create anything that’s new. So they take my tax money or somebody else’s tax money, they create a public sector job with the tax money, which is what pays for it, as a rule, and then that’s money I would have circulated in the economy anyway, so there’s no real value at all.

RUSH: That’s exactly right. I couldn’t say it much better than that. I would just add one thing and that is that all these new jobs working at the prison and the schools that are going to be built for all the guards guarding the terrorists, union jobs, aren’t they? Government union jobs. So not only are they not private sector jobs, they are adding and swelling union roles, SEIU, AFL-CIO, which just means more campaign cash for the Democrats.

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