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Rush’s Morning Update: Method to Madness
November 17, 2009

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Well, theChristmas season is drawing near,folks. A new survey out thereputs a damper on the hopes of some charitable organizations. According to a Harris poll, only 38 percent ofyou say that you’llgive a holiday charitable donation,compared with almost half ofyou who did so last year.

It’s the Obama economy that’s got everybody in a sour mood, butsour as it isso far this year, about the same number of Americans are giving to charity as they did last year –they’re just giving fewer dollars, and most expect to give more when the economy picks up. If it picks up.

Non-profits and charities are faced with the same issues afflicting the private sector: they’re cutting staff and making do with less. American Heart Association CEO Nancy Brown says her group is doing its best not to cut services,but notes thatthings are doubly tough this yearbecause the need for services is rising while donations are dropping.

Remember: We were all scratching our heads during Obama’s February address to the nationwhen said he wanted to put a cap on charitable deductions by limiting the value of tax breaks. Remember that?Everyone knew that would cause hardship for charities by driving down donations.

Two points. 1.) If the government wasn’t sucking the economy dry,people would have more money to donate. 2.) When the private sector can’t help, people turn to big government programs.

There’s a method to the madness, you see –and it has nothing to do with charity. It has everything to do with Obama snatching more and more of the private sector for himself and the Democrat Party.

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