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RUSH: One more thing here about these elections today. I have another profundity, another truth for you. This is the dirty little secret. We know that all political parties, the two big ones, Republicans and Democrats alike, we know that these parties know what the winning message is. They know it. Every campaign ad running right now is stressing what? Cutting taxes, cutting spending, growing the economy. Every campaign. Republican and Democrat alike, that is the message. Doesn’t matter what the party affiliation is. In fact, in some races the Democrats sound more conservative on these things than a lot of the Republicans, the so-called Republicans, which is why elections are held in November. It’s about as far away from April 15th as you can get. But after today, the media will get back on message, we’ll see stories of the people want more spending and of course higher taxes, but both parties know it, folks, both parties know what the winning message is. Some are just better at explaining it than others.

Tim in Suffolk, Virginia, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, thank you very much. I appreciate what you do for conservatives and, of course, what you do for me as well. I’m surviving this Obama depression real well but you mentioned earlier how the media and these Democrats talk about how moderates are leaving the Republican Party. If that were true the Democrats would be happy. You and I would be high-fiving each other if the Democrat Party were falling apart. If it were true moderates are leaving the Republican Party why aren’t they happy? Look at Axelrod on TV or Gibbs or any of these Democrats, are they happy? No! They’re glum. Here in Virginia, the three candidates, I’m in Virginia, we’ve got a governor’s race, attorney general, lieutenant governor, all three of these guys are being cast as conservatives by their opponent and by the media. And they’re up by ten points — I don’t know what’s going to happen here in Virginia but it certainly looks like three top offices are going to people that are being cast as Republicans. The three Democrats, they’re milquetoast — if anything, they’re moderates, but why aren’t these Democrats all excited that moderates are leaving the party?

RUSH: It was my point earlier. I watched Plouffe on TV today, and Axelrod,and they’re all so alarmed that the Republican Party is losing its moderates. It’s as though they’re sitting at the White House, ‘Gee, we want that party strong, we want the Republican Party strong so that we can stay on edge. We want a good competitor.’ The last thing that Barack Obama and his pals don’t like: opposition.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: They sweep the field. They clean it up. They get out, they get rid of it. And, of course, we have idiots on our side, Tim, my brother, who believe them. ‘Oh, yeah, it’s an honorable thing to have moderates in the party,’ and so forth. I look forward to the day when the Republican Party ceases accepting any premise put forward by the Democrats, the liberals and the media. All right, a quick time-out here, folks. Thanks, Tim, for the phone call.

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