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RUSH: Let’s talk Election Day today. People have been asking me, ‘Rush, what are your predictions? What are your predictions?’ Well, it’s tough to make predictions here because you don’t know what the ACORN factor is going to be and you don’t know what the vote fraud factor is gonna be, particularly in New Jersey. ABC News radio at the top of the hour here on cue — by the way, CNN is doing the same thing — said that the White House is insisting that these governor races should not be seen as a judgment on the White House. It’s tough being CNN today. They’ve got a poll out that shows Obama at 54% approval. Now, what timing, the day of the election and the day before the results are analyzed. So if Obama is at 54% approval and the Democrats get shellacked today, why, it has nothing to do with Obama. But they bury something very important in their own poll. Obama health care approval: 42 for, 57 against in the CNN poll.

I’ll tell you something else about these elections. This election today, all of these elections are precisely why Obama and everybody wanted to get this health care done before the August recess, so that they’d be able to go to these elections and claim some big achievement, but they were unable to do that and if these elections go total Republican today, it should be a nail in the coffin of Obamacare. This is what they knew all along. I said on Fox News Sunday, every day I get up and I feel like I’m in the trenches of a war. No bullets being fired, but it’s just every day you get up and there is another assault on liberty and freedom and the founding of this country, every day. It never stops. So people have been asking me for my predictions.


RUSH: Now the predictions. I’m not going to predict the races. I’m going to predict the media to you, because I’ve already got examples of it in the audio sound bite roster here and a couple of news stories. The media tonight and tomorrow are going to be working hard, my friends, to deliver you not the news but Obama talking points about this election as in ABC Radio News just 15 minutes ago: White House insisting that these governor’s races should not be seen as judgment on the White House. That’s ABC falling right in line, CNN has, too. First, there’s Virginia. Whatever the vote totals in Virginia, the State-Controlled Media will report that the turnout was not as big as expected, that the vote for the Republicans and against the Democrats was not as big as expected, and besides, everybody knew that the Republicans would win. It’s no surprise. The White House even knew it. Why, the White House threw this guy Creigh Deeds under the bus a couple weeks ago. The White House knew he ran a lousy campaign.

You could just see this coming, mark my words. We knew that the Republicans would win because the Democrat governor was so poor, he was so inept, he dismissed early offers by the Obama team for help, he was a goner from the moment the general election began. So the State-Controlled Media will say Virginia stands for nothing, just ignore it. I predict to you that will be the outcome; that will be the media spin. I know these people, folks, I know them. You know I know them. That will be how they spin Virginia.


RUSH: We turn to New York-23. If Hoffman wins — and polls suggest that he will — the race there will be dismissed as an outlier. Here’s how they’re going to categorize this — and I’m talking about the media. I’m predicting the media coverage tonight and tomorrow on New York-23.

They’ll say that the right wing concentrated all its hate and all its anger and all its resources on a congressional race that is of little national importance or consequence. They will portray this as the Republican Party being fractured and divided with even greater problems down the road. The state-run media will further tell us that the battle in New York-23 was really just a fight among Republicans, not about Obama or his policies; and that the far right, while successful in this district, will have difficulty extending this victory into other districts and states because they will have driven so many independents and moderates out of the party. There are actually…

I think it’s Gloria Borger in the audio sound bite roster saying that Republicans are driving independents out of their party. It’s just the opposite. Independents are flocking to these Republicans in these races! It’s just the opposite of that they’re gonna cast New York-23 as unimportant, of little consequence, more an illustration of how the Republican part is fracturing. It doesn’t matter what happens to New York-23. This Hoffman guy will be invisible once he gets to Washington. He’s not that big a deal. Nothing to do with Obama, nothing to do with Obama. ‘And the Republicans,’ they will say, ‘will have difficulty extending this victory into other districts and to other states.’ Now (chuckles), here’s the antidote to that.

The fact that the ‘former’ vice president, according to CNN yesterday, Joe Biden, campaigned in the district yesterday… ‘That was nothing! Don’t make anything of it. That was nothing more than a classy White House display of loyalty for a Democrat candidate who never really had a chance.’ Folks, I want you to print these words out. I want you to get the transcript off my website. I want you to print these out, I want you to distribute them, I want you to carry them with you, and we’ll just see how close I am to being right. So the State-Run Media will say, ‘New York-23, the race is more about the demise of the Republican Party and anger on the right than Obama or his policies,’ and Biden is just a loyal act to help a Democrat that never really had a chance.

Let’s move on to New Jersey now. Obama has actually been in New Jersey many times. I think in the last 24, 48 hours he’s been there, and he’s making robocalls. In fact, you want to hear one? Obama’s making robocalls for Corzine. I mean, he’s on your TV, he’s on the Internet, he’s in magazines, he’s on the radio. The last thing I would think you would want is for your phone to ring and the voice on the other end to be Obama. ‘Cause, damn it, folks, he’s everywhere. He won’t leave us alone. If you get one of these Corzine robocalls from Obama, this is what you’ll hear.

OBAMA: I want to apologize for disturbing you, but there’s an important election this coming Tuesday. Last year we started the movement for change. Now we need to keep it going. That’s why I’m asking you to get behind Governor Jon Corzine. Together we can fix our schools, improve health care, and turn around the economy so it works for all Americans. So please get out and vote on Tuesday and vote for my friend and your governor, Jon Corzine. Thanks for listening.

RUSH: I think it’s pretty desperate for the president to be doing this, robocalls — and that’s just a rehash of his now meaningless campaign rhetoric from a year ago, 18 months ago: ‘Fix the schools, improve health care, turn around the economy so it works for all Americans,’ which means it works for none. (chuckles) ‘All’ and ‘none’ meaning the same thing here. So that’s Obama and his robocall in New Jersey. One of his most trusted confidantes and campaign operatives, Obama’s, took over the Corzine campaign a few months ago. Now, basically in looking at New Jersey you have to understand this: Corzine is a straw man for the Obama White House. That’s how you have to look at it. He is a straw man for the Obama White House.

And if Corzine loses in New Jersey, which is among the bluest of blue states, the State-Controlled Media repeating the Obama talking points will do all it can to run interference for the White House. The damage control spin will be that the president was heroic in his efforts to save a hopeless candidate. ‘Corzine was surrounded by corruption. He destroyed New Jersey’s economy. He was enormously unpopular. But the president decided to make a courageous stand and to try to save him. And despite Corzine losing, look how close the election became. But for Obama and his team, New Jersey would have been a wipeout, not a nail-biter. So New Jersey is actually an Obama win, even should Corzine lose.’

This is how it will be portrayed: ‘Such a heroic effort! The man put everybody but himself first. He put Corzine first. He put his agenda first. He put the state of New Jersey first. But it was just too much to overcome, unpopularity, corruption, questionable friends, a rotten economy that Corzine destroyed as governor of New Jersey, and his Wall Street connections came back to hurt him.’ They’ll come up with everything to say that Obama gave it everything he got. Now, if Corzine wins… We’ll of course look at this in that way as well. If Corzine wins, the State-Controlled Media, following the White House spin, will report that Obama’s personal popularity and the popularity of his socialist agenda won the day. The fact is, Corzine, if he does win, will likely win with less than 50% of the vote.

And the fact that he could not muster 50% of the vote in this heavily Democrat state will be completely ignored. His win by a plurality of the vote, not a majority, will be said to have been momentous, that it ‘shows that Obama is as strong as ever and that he still owns the blue states and states trending blue — and those who defy him, including in his own party, such as Blue Dog Democrats, do so at their own peril.’ That will be the message if Corzine wins. Now, here’s the truth. A year ago today Obama won in Virginia, the news reported his election there as historic and as a realignment. If the election results come anywhere close to what the polls predict recently, the Republicans are going to have a huge win today, and anything over 6% is a huge win. Now, I know this because when Obama won the presidency by 6% the media told us it was a huge win. So anything over six is big.

Virginia’s outcome is going to be downplayed as much as possible, but it is very important. Because if Virginia were to go 6% in favor of the Democrats today that would have been a huge boost to Obama and the Democrats nationally. So to say when the opposite occurs, that it doesn’t matter, is just nonsense. Virginia was key to the national realignment only 12 months ago today. Today we are told to ignore it. If Republicans can hold onto states like Virginia, then they can build from there and aggressively go after states that have too often been written off and ceded to the Democrats by a weak and squishy GOP. Now, the New York-23, that’s a major turning point, which is why the establishment Republicans and their media promoters are downplaying it along with the Democrats. A moderate Republican held this seat for a lot of years. He was selected by Obama to serve in his administration because Obama believed he could take that seat and keep it Democratic. The race sized up exactly as the White House had hoped with the Democrat in the lead, and the Republican establishment bosses picking Scozzafava.


RUSH: Okay. Now, let’s start again here on this so I don’t have to interrupt myself on the importance of New York-23, because this is a turning point, and, in fact, there are stories throughout the State-Controlled Media today — got one here, the LA Times: ‘Conservatives Emboldened by Moves in New York Election.’ There are conservative candidates popping up all over the country who are going to challenge incumbent Republicans in House races. I’ve read about 10 or 12 of them are going to happen now. This New York-23 is big, it is a turning point, and it is precisely why the media and everybody is trying to portray it as nothing more than the Republicans falling apart, having big unity problems and so forth. I’ll tell you what, the moderate Republican, the Rockefeller gang, they’re just as worried about New York-23 as the Democrats are.

Now, this is a key point. New York-23 was held by a moderate Republican. That seat was held by a moderate Republican for many years. But Obama picked this guy to serve in his administration. You know why? Obama wanted that seat to go Democrat. So the Democrat, Owens, gets nominated and the race sized up exactly as the White House had hoped, the Democrat in the lead, the GOP establishment bosses picked the left-wing moderate Republican, just exactly as the Democrats want. They want Republicans to stay moderate squishy because they know that’s when Republicans lose. So it was going exactly as the White House had hoped. She was gonna lose. But then up stepped this guy, this little accountant, Doug Hoffman, a conservative, and in stepped groups like the Club for Growth, conservative talk radio stepped in there, the tea party activists, citizens from across the country, the blogosphere. Erick Erickson at RedState.com has been all over this since it began. And eventually some Republican politicians were forced to get in on this at the tail end and endorse Hoffman because of this wave of support that had blossomed for him.

This is where conservative Americans are drawing the line. New York-23. This is where we are fighting, this is where we will take a stand against both the liberal wing of the Republican Party and Obama and the Democrat Party. And that’s what’s happened here. To the great distress of people like Lindsey Grahamnesty and the Rockefeller Republicans, the great distress of Obama, the Democrats in the media, that’s exactly what has happened here. And Hoffman is now said to be in the lead. Now, whether he wins or not, what happened in New York-23 was a huge statement by conservatives and traditional Republicans against the left in both parties. And should Hoffman win, as I think he will, his campaign is gonna give confidence and energy to scores of others across this country where momentum will grow right up to next year’s election. So that’s the truth of New York-23.

Now to New Jersey. Here’s the truth there. Let’s be honest about this. If a fairly conservative Republican can win the governorship of New Jersey, it is historic, whether the media want to say so or not. By all accounts, Chris Christie is a tax-cutting, spending cutting, law and order kind of Republican. He also said he’s pro-life. Here’s who he’s up against in New Jersey. He’s up against Obama. He’s up against the national Democrat Party. He’s up against the SEIU, the union. He’s up against the NEA. He’s up against the AFL-CIO. He is up against ACORN. He is up against the Daily Kos. He is against the New York Times and a billionaire who has spent $30 million trashing him. And that would be Corzine. Corzine has spent $30 million of his own money trashing Chris Christie. That’s who Christie’s up against, and this race right now is too close to call. With all of that going on, Christie ought to not even be visible. In New Jersey, in this bluest of blue states, with all of that Democrat firepower and money arrayed against him, he ought not even show up in the polls.

Now, if a fairly conservative Republican can win the governorship against those odds, not to mention the hugely lopsided voter registration disadvantage, it would be a smashing victory, it would be a smashing defeat, it would be a profound defeat for Obama and his ilk. There’s simply no getting around that if he pulls this off. Now, if Christie loses, and if he loses by a small margin, the White House and the State-Run Media are going to play it up loudly as a great achievement. But the fact is they will have barely won, despite all of their great advantages and numbers and resources. And even if they just barely win, I guarantee you that they’re going to be quietly talking among themselves about how they are in deep trouble. Because, folks, if the Obama election 12 months ago was a realignment and the media said that it was, it was so smashing, I mean it changed the face of America, then the Democrats and Obama should not be celebrating a bare victory which required an extraordinary effort to pull off in a state where a Republican shouldn’t even show up in the polls. They will know that they are in trouble if they have to fight so hard to hold a reliably dark blue state.

So to sum it up, I don’t know how Obama, the Democrats, the State-Controlled Media can make the outcome of today’s election some great achievement for Obama, some great achievement for liberalism and his socialist agenda. They’re going to try, but it will require the worst kind of propaganda and deceit to pull this off.

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