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Rush’s Morning Update: Ego!
November 2, 2009

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Hey, folks: Secretary of StateClinton, in Pakistan, had what the State-Controlled Media called a “lively exchange” with students at a government university.

During a question-and-answer session, Mrs. Clinton said thatthere was “a huge difference” between Obama’s and Bush’s approach to Pakistan. She said: “I spent my entire years in the Senate opposing him…so to me, it’s like daylight and dark.” The students erupted in applause.

Now, as an act of kindness, I’ll put aside Hillary’s colorful comparison of Bush and Obama as “daylight and dark.” But I’m not willing to put aside her inept version of left-wing “diplomacy,” which is to go overseas and trash an American president in the interests of inflating her own stature– and that of Obama.

You may have forgotten President Bush’s difficult task regarding Pakistan after 9/11. The Taliban and al-Qaeda were Pakistan’s allies. Bush offered Pakistan a choice: choose terrorism, or stand with us and fight them.

Hillary Clinton was able to visit Pakistan because of George W.Bush. Yet, with typical Clintonesque classlessness, she trashes him. Condi Rice,her predecessor,could have traveled the world, blaming the inept Clinton administration for allowing terrorism to grow unimpeded while he was busy with the intern.But she never did, and shenever would.

America’s foreign policy interests are more important than the ego of one president, or one secretary of state. Mrs. Clinton would know that,and act accordingly,if she were half as smart as she claims to be –and if she had even a thimble-full of class.

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