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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the White House is — not even the State-Controlled Media is buying this, by the way — the White House, earlier this week, maybe last week, they put out this number — 30,000 jobs saved or created by the stimulus. And the press said, ‘No, it’s not 30,000, it may be 10,000,’ and gave us details, such as that Florida daycare center that claimed they saved or created 129 jobs with their stimulus money when in fact all they did was give people already working there a raise. There were no jobs saved, and there were no new jobs. The report was phony. So the White House, ‘This is wrong. We got our new numbers and the new numbers are out,’ and the White House is now saying they created or saved a million jobs since the stimulus passed. The White House claimed today President Obama’s plan has saved or created more than one million jobs. Now, during this time, under Obama, the US unemployment rate has gone up from 7.6% to 9.8%. We round off here. We’re gonna call it 10% ’cause it’s going to get there at some point anyway. Now, in reality, the United States has lost 3.3 million jobs since Obama and Pelosi passed the Porkulus bill, and as I say, the State-Controlled Media is not even buying any of this. Let’s go to last night, CBS Evening News, Chip Reid, the chief White House correspondent talking about the stimulus jobs report.

REID: At a small college in Georgia, $100,000 in stimulus funds paid for trucks for students to practice for commercial driver’s licenses. Another hundred thousand went for a modular classroom. The school reported to the government that 280 jobs were created. In reality, not even close. In Cocoa, Florida, a child care center reported 129 jobs created by a stimulus grant. In fact, no jobs were created. It turns out the administration’s initial jobs stimulus report contained hundreds of errors as first reported by the Associated Press. Critics say if the kinds of errors found in that earlier report are repeated in Friday’s much more extensive job creation survey it won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on.

RUSH: My gosh, folks, this is stunning. The media knows that this is a huge lie, and they are reporting so. Can you imagine if the Bush administration had perpetuated a lie like this? The media knows it now. I don’t know what’s happening here. At some point this is becoming even too much for State-Controlled Media. Chip Reid next goes on to tell us how the stimulus paid for $219,000 to study the sex lives of female college freshman. I’d have done that for a dollar.

REID: The White House says the errors have already been corrected, that tomorrow’s jobs report has been double and triple checked for weeks and that it will give an accurate detailed look at the early success of the stimulus. Republicans in Congress, though, predict the report will be a world-class example of government obfuscation. Republican critics also say they don’t understand how some stimulus projects will create any jobs. For example, half a million dollars to study social networks like Facebook and $219,000 to study the sex lives of female college freshmen.

RUSH: As I say, I’d do that for a buck, maybe a dollar-and-a-half. I might even do it for free and I could get some people to help me and they’d do it for free. Snerdley would be in there. (laughing) Now, I’ll bet you that’s where the money that the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor went, Snerdley. I’ll betcha this $219,000 to study the sex lives of college freshmen is actually money that went to the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor. Now, AP reported yesterday that all of this is a lie, but here is Jared Bernstein. He’s on with CBS’ Harry Smith this morning on the Early Show. He’s Biden’s chief economic advisor, Jared Bernstein. And Smith says, ‘These numbers, if you can excuse the expression, are these numbers we can believe in?’

BERNSTEIN: Absolutely. The numbers that the Independent Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board is going to be releasing later today are the results, Harry, of tens of thousands of recipients of Recovery Act funds telling us precisely the jobs they’ve saved or created with those funds. And those jobs accumulate to 650,000 jobs saved or created thus far. And, remember, that’s a subset about half of the Recovery Act dollars put to work thus far. So a million jobs saved or created thus far when you extrapolate from the recipient reports.

RUSH: Why don’t these guys just say they saved or created every job? Why don’t they just say they’ve saved them all? What’s the difference between these jobs and the ones Obama claims he has saved? I mean, a whole lot of people are working out there above and beyond the 650,000, why don’t you just come out and say, ‘I saved them all’? Here’s another little question here from Harry Smith. He says, ‘The other part of this problem, though, is that we’re looking at an unemployment rate that’s going to probably hit 10% soon and may stay there for a very long time. Average amount of time it takes right now for somebody unemployed to get a new job’s half a year. When does this economy start to make a difference to these people who are starting to become chronically unemployed?’

BERNSTEIN: The Recovery Act is part of the answer to your question. By helping to create or save about a million jobs so far, including the 650,000 that recipients themselves are telling us about, and these are schoolteachers —

SMITH: We know.

BERNSTEIN: — these are construction workers, these are cops on the beat, these jobs are helping to at least partially offset part of the losses you mentioned earlier.

SMITH: When does this economy start to create jobs on its own?

BERNSTEIN: As far as the overall economy is concerned, private sector forecasters tell us that by the second half of next year, net job growth should be positive, unemployment should be coming down.

SMITH: It’s a long wait.

RUSH: Now, Harry Smith there with, ‘It’s a long wait.’ I detect a little bit of frustration there from Harry Smith at the end of that bite. He knows he’s being jobbed by this propagandist. He knows he’s being fed a line of BS but when you work for Pravda there’s not much you can do. You have to sit there and just take it, and that’s where Harry Smith is.

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