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RUSH: Back in February, a member of Congress wanted to have a conversation with me. A member of Congress that The Politico says is now trying to run away from me and marginalize me, don’t want any part of me.

By the way, I’m hearing from more Republicans than ever the last two weeks wanting to keep me in the loop about what they’re doing. The same Republicans The Politico says have no interest and are worried that I am hurting them. So anyway, during this conversation with this congressman back in February, I warned him, I said, ‘Please don’t get caught up in the average day-to-day policy disagreements, because this guy is a radical leftist who is going to transform and remake this country and destroy the private sector.’ I went through the whole litany, and he said, ‘Ah, Rush, you’re overreacting. You’re overreacting. These people are not evil.’ I said, ‘They are evil! They are evil.’ Well, he called this morning. ‘Rush, you were right. I apologize.’ That has happened three times and I saw Newt Gingrich say to Sean Hannity on his TV show on Fox, ‘You know what? Sean, you were right way back in February trying to tell everybody how radical this guy was and I was wrong.’ So people are starting to come to realize it. We’re not dealing here with the usual collegiality of getting along and so forth, okay, the Democrats won and now they’re in power and so they get to do what they want to do. Their agenda has to be stopped.

Now, this GDP number was totally fraudulent. I don’t like saying that there’s no growth in the private sector. But there isn’t. I understand full well that there are people, and they are the people who make this country work, who are just scraping by, who are still getting up and going to work and they’re doing everything they can not to lay off their employees. And the employees are still working and doing everything they can to hold onto their jobs. And it ticks me off that we have been brought to this situation by virtue of policies of the Democrat Party and Barack Obama. When they want to try to convince everybody that things are hunky-dory when they aren’t, by putting out a lie, a fraudulent GDP number, I’m going to call ’em on it. It is not to insult the American people. I have empathy for the American people. I have sympathy for the American people and the little people, the middle class and everybody else that has all of this raining down on them, because it’s going to take all of us opposing this to stop it and turn our country around.

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