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RUSH: Louisville. Always love going to Louisville. Ken, welcome to the program.

CALLER: God love you, Rush. Been listening since you started out in August of ’88.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir. Appreciate that.

CALLER: I want to point out something I hadn’t heard yet. You know, the states having to opt out of this is not going to happen for several reasons. One is, you have to overtly, positively opt out of something — it’s going to take the House and the Senate and governor to agree to opt out. Otherwise, you’re in. The second thing is the states have been sucking wind when it comes to the tax revenue, and it’s getting worse. They have huge personnel systems and the biggest cost they have going out of control is their health care plans. So if they opt out, they opt themselves out, and so they are still going to suffer from those budget problems. So they’re going to take the short-term relief of opting in by dumping their own systems. We’re talking about state government, we’re talking about the school systems, the local governments, we’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people in the small rural states. So there is no way that they’re gonna take the financial hit by opting out of the system.

RUSH: Exactly right. Exactly right. There is — it’s going to be structured in such a way that they can’t opt out. But even if they do, it doesn’t matter, it’s still going to cost everybody in the state that opts out all kinds of new taxes and so forth. Because, you know, I’m sure that somebody is going to keyword search the latest Pelosi bill, and we’re going to find how many times the word ‘tax’ is mentioned in this thing, ’cause in addition to this being a supposed health care bill, all this is — and the Senate version, Dingy Harry’s bill, too — is just, it’s brand-new levels of taxation at every stage of your life, at home, in your personal life, in your personal and your business life as well. The word ‘shall’ is mentioned 3,425 times in the Pelosi bill. The Ten Commandments, as Ted Koppel used to say, by the way, not the Ten Suggestions, Ten Commandments, and ‘shall’ is mentioned 3,425 times in the health care bill.

Here is Tony in Edmonds, Washington, I guess we got you back. Hi, Tony, welcome.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: You know, in watching these guys, these zealots trying to cram this bill down our throats, I mean, one has to ask why are they being so pigheaded about this thing, and I think we need to consider the expansion of the unions, if indeed they’re able to pass this. And it will be so invasive, it’s not just going to be the hospital worker or the clinical worker in your doctor’s office, but if you hire somebody to come in and take care of your mom because she has Alzheimer’s in your house, that person will be a federal employee, or linked to the federal unions, to the point that you won’t be able to hire someone that isn’t linked to the federal system.

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah. You know, there are many possible motivations for why. You say they’re being pigheaded. Whatever you want to call it. Why they’re going to do this, despite overwhelming number of people who oppose it, why are they going to do it, I think it’s important for people to understand the main reason. We can say, ‘Oh, yeah, there’s political benefits and it’s gonna strengthen the unions and they’re going to do all these other crazy things.’ Folks, those are side shows. Of course they’re going to, you know, be nice to their constituents. The trial lawyers are not going to get hurt, the unions and so forth. You gotta understand who these people are. These are Marxists. These are fascists. This is being done for the express purpose of totally controlling as much of your life as they can. ‘Oh, I don’t want to believe that, Rush!’ I know you don’t want to, I know a lot of people don’t want to believe it. It doesn’t sound American. Trust me on this, folks: that’s what is motivating this.

It’s not that they feel sorry for people who don’t have health insurance ’cause that can be fixed tomorrow with hardly any money compared to this trillion dollars, or two trillion or whatever. It’s not about making sure that 60% of the children who don’t have health care get it. It’s not about that at all. There are all kinds of smarter, faster, more efficient ways of ensuring people who aren’t insured. This is about destroying an element of the private sector and putting it under government control, led by a bunch of people who are as narcissistic as Obama is. Who think — Barney Frank actually thinks he could run the medical system better than the experts in it. He thinks he can run the banking business better than the experts in it. They think they can run every aspect of life better than the experts who do it. And they want to because they have contempt for average people.

You know, I listen to myself sometimes. Other times I’m too busy talking and thinking ahead to my next point, but sometimes I stop and listen to myself. And when I stop and listen to myself, you know what I realize about myself? I’m the one standing up for the little guy here. I’m the one standing up, and all of our brethren and sisteren in talk radio and all of our — we’re the ones that stand up for the little guy! We’re the ones trying to make sure the little guy doesn’t get the shaft! It’s the Democrats and the American left who are targeting the little guy under the guise of targeting the rich. We’re the ones standing up for the little guy. We’re the ones who do not see skin color or what have you.

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