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RUSH: Now, we’ve all been told by Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services secretary, how horrible the swine flu is out there; gotta get a vaccine, must take it, horrible, it’s deadly, it’s bad, it’s rotten. So she’s on the Today Show yesterday, and the co-host, Matt Lauer, interviewed her, and Matt Lauer said, ‘Remember in the spring there were some countries, in Mexico, for example, they took much more aggressive steps to curb the spread of the virus, they shut down a lot of public facilities, they discouraged large gatherings of people. Do we have a contingency plan in this country, Madam Secretary? A level of infection where we have a plan like that that we could put into effect?

SEBELIUS: Right now the public health officials weigh toward keeping schools open if there’s enough personnel to do that. It’s dangerous for kids often to not be in school, to not have a safe place to go, to not get fed on a regular basis, so knowing that we can contain this disease through vaccination and through mitigation, we’re trying to lean toward keeping the business going.

RUSH: Oh, man! I know! She doesn’t want to close the skrools because then many children will not be fed. That is the level of the welfare state we’ve become: if kids don’t go to school, they’ll go hungry, and even at the risk of getting the swine flu. We gotta send ’em to school, otherwise they won’t eat! Otherwise they won’t be fed! The homes are unsafe. Homes are unsafe, schools — Snerdley, you heard her. You heard her. I can’t expand on this anymore.

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