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RUSH: You know, I can’t go away for one day without all hell breaking loose. Giant mess, have to come in here and clean up but I’m up to the task, folks, I’m up to the job. I got in last night at 5:30, I got a little show prep, I got to bed at 6:30 so I’m here on an hour and a half. You have been warned. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. The airport was closed again. The airport was closed from 12:30 to 5 a.m., runway construction, it was supposed to end Sunday so had to go to an alternate destination, drive home. At any rate, it doesn’t matter, folks, everything’s cool, not complaining. I don’t whine like Obama does. I don’t look tired? Well, I’ve done this so many times it’s almost second nature. Here’s the telephone number if you want to be on the program: 1-800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Lots popping today. Dingy Harry with his opt-out public option, which is the biggest scam, folks, he just ended up losing Olympia Snowe’s vote in the process here, but I need to explain this to you. There is no opt-out, even if states vote to opt out, you will not opt out. I will explain all of this. This is so much smoke and mirrors. These people are targeting their own country. The Democrat Party and Barack Obama are targeting their own country. I’ve got a story here from the Sunday edition of the New York Times. I remember when I first said this, you know, when Rahm Emanuel came out and said a crisis is a terrible thing to waste, a crisis helps you get things done, that’s when I started saying all of this destruction of the private sector is being done on purpose and everybody said — well, not everybody but a lot of people — ‘Rush, I know you think that, but you gotta tone it down a little bit if you want people to believe it.’ I am not going to tone it down. The truth is the truth, stark as it might be, and alarming as it might be, the truth is the truth.

So here’s the headline from a story by Robert Pear, the New York Times on Sunday: ‘Democrats See a Positive in a Bad Economy.’ Duh! Here it is in the New York Times, and the New York Times is all happy about this. They had an editorial saying we need a second stimulus, and we need to stimulate government even more than we have. ”Democrats See a Positive in a Bad Economy’ — The bad economy is good for President Obama and Democrats as they try to reinvent the health care system with scant Republican support. That is the conclusion of many Congressional Democrats, who say that economic insecurity and high unemployment stoke public support for their proposals to guarantee insurance for millions of Americans.’

I remember people getting mad at me for pointing this out. I said, ‘Look, if your number one objective is health care, and health care in this country is not portable, you can’t take it with you when you lose a job, when everybody is scared to death of dying because everything is going to kill you, what’s the greatest asset you could have if you’re Barack Obama? High unemployment, lots of people without health insurance. Folks, they are purposely destroying this country and they love the calamity. It’s good for them and it’s nothing new. I remember back sometime in the nineties, it might have been the early 2000s when Little Dick Gephardt was in the House and the stock market was plunging, I think it was the tech bubble burst, and he said, ‘For every hundred point drop in the stock market, we pick up a seat in the House.’ They were all happy about it. People are just going to have to come to grips with it at some point.

We’ll have some conversation on this Doug Hoffman situation in NY-23. You know, I was minding my own business and I was happy, I took the occasion of the weekend to get away from all this, but I couldn’t. I happened to go by a television set and I saw the story that the Republican Party was running ads against Doug Hoffman. I don’t mean to keep saying this, folks, I really don’t, but I said I hope people remember what I said about the Republican Party and conservatism and how they are trying to drum conservatives out of the party. It’s interesting, too, because the Gallup survey, Gallup poll that was released yesterday shows the public’s conservatism is at a high water mark. Forty percent of Americans call themselves conservative. Thirty-six percent self-describe themselves as moderates, and 20% are liberals, and yet everybody seems obsessed with these moderates.

Everybody seems obsessed with going out and getting moderates and independents and so forth. You look what happens in NY-23, and, by the way, there are people mischaracterizing this, something I’ve gotta spend some time on today. This is not a third-party type race. People are looking at this saying, ‘Rush, we need third party, Doug Hoffman’s proving it.’ No, we don’t. We need to retake the Republican Party. That’s what has to happen. The liberals didn’t go out and form a third party, they just took over the Democrat Party and we need to take over the Republican Party. The third party’s a guaranteed loss, no two ways about it.

Afghanistan, it is just amazing. Obama was at Jacksonville yesterday at a Navy base saying, ‘I won’t risk your lives unless it is absolutely necessary.’ What the hell? I can’t remember a more irresponsible, ridiculous statement from anyone, much less a commander-in-chief, in my life. I won’t risk your lives unless it’s absolutely necessary, and if it is necessary, we’ll back you up to the hilt? When is it going to be necessary? Are we waiting on General Swifty Kerry to come over and tell us when it’s okay? We’ve already had a prominent military man resign over our lack of direction and focus and even a strategy in Afghanistan. In the real world it’s over for a president who makes this kind of statement. We have parents and spouses of those people serving in the military. Can you imagine a family member of somebody serving in Afghanistan and the commander-in-chief says, ‘I won’t risk your lives unless it is absolutely necessary’? Whose lives are being risked now, and for what they are being asked.

The highest casualty toll in Afghanistan today and we’ve gotta wait for health care. We’ve gotta wait for General John Swifty Kerry, who served in Vietnam, to tell us when the time is right. Where’s Hillary Clinton, by the way? How come all these people are going over there doing foreign policy? We got Biden over there making a mess of things on the missile thing. You know, I shouldn’t say it, I really shouldn’t. Joe Biden is the single — I don’t think I should say it. I’ll tell you, I’ll say it and then you guys tell me — we got 40 seconds to bleep it, right? We got 40 seconds to bleep it if you judge it’s a little too far, all right? Everybody on board with me here? Here we go. Joe Biden is the — (laughing) let me put it this way. I don’t want anything to ever happen to Barack Obama, but especially because Biden is number two. How is that? Is that okay? Is that okay? Mike, I need to hear from you on this. Okay, that passes. So we don’t need to bleep that.

‘I won’t risk your lives unless it is absolutely necessary. And if it’s necessary we’ll back you up to the hilt’? Well, he’s not backing the people who are already there to the hilt. You remember all the garbage Bush got for the Humvees that weren’t properly armored up and all this? Good gosh, folks, it’s just an absolute mess. Eight US troops die in Afghan blast, October now, the deadliest month for American forces in the eight-year war. Also from New York Times: ‘NATO backs McChrystal on Afghanistan, endorsement comes as Obama weighs whether to add more troops.’ Obama’s dithering. He’s played more golf in nine months than Bush played in three years. And the media, there’s a story today how happy they are he finally went out and played golf with a woman. So he’s broken down the sex barrier or some such thing, great, great progress, president’s gone out and played golf with a woman.

He coordinates his attack on Fox News. He tries to recruit private businesses to ambush the Chamber of Commerce. Have you heard about this? Valerie Jarrett was sent out there to a bunch of businesses and said you guys gotta pressure the Chamber on this, and the Chamber came back and said, look, you think we’re going away just because a couple shots have been fired? It’s time to put on the helmets and get in gear. People are finally standing up to this little boy, this little man-child president whose primary job, if you will, in life has been leisure. This guy is practiced at leisure more than anything else. So he’s out there ambushing the chamber, he’s nuking doctors, but he has no time for Afghanistan, no time for Afghanistan whatsoever but, boy, I won’t risk your lives until it’s absolutely necessary, if it is necessary we’ll back you to the hilt. He’s golfing; he’s attacking private businesses here at home. NATO has had plenty of time to figure out that McChrystal has the right plan for Afghanistan. Oh, and the global warming news, folks, it is absurd.

Here’s another thing I saw. I guess this was Saturday. I was out in Las Vegas, and it was Saturday, and I took a quick peek at the Drudge page, and there’s this thing, I don’t even remember, some global warming link, and I clicked on the link, and I got to that story. It was the UK Daily Express and there’s a story there with the headline, two people have written a book about how dogs do more damage to the environment than an SUV. So I clicked on that link, I ignored the Drudge link. I clicked on it, and said, ‘What in tarnation is this?’ And I have details of that coming up. And then this Lord Stern is out there saying stop eating beef, the only way to save the planet. I mean the extremism of these people is on full display everywhere. Now, there’s a story here that the Copenhagen people, the UN people are very depressed now that they might not get any kind of a significant deal in December because the US Congress is dithering and members of the US Congress, ‘Yeah, we’re not even going to get to this this year, the climate change cap and tax.’ Now, before we go to the break — no, I’ll do it after the break. Crap and tax, whatever it is.

Now, I have to tell you, this thing that happened Friday on this program with Obama’s thesis, it has been hilarious to watch the media cover this. I got two sound bites as an example. It is stunning to me how closed-minded, narrow their world is, how absolutely ignorant they are. I’m not questioning their intelligence, but that’s next. They’re just ignorant. And they still have no sense of humor. Wait ’til you hear these two sound bites. One is from 1010WINS in New York, the all-news station, and the other is from this blubbering, blathering, increasingly idiotic Chris Matthews.

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